Remlith Escort

21 Jun 2018 01:41
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Client: Professor Priyanka of the Tempest College


GM Limitation:

Job Description: I am a traveling professor from the College of Tempest. I have made it my mission to explore the Remlith to figure out it’s secrets for about 200 years now with no success. However, on my last trip, our party spotted something unusual before being forced to return home after being attacked. I had been meaning to save my funds for when I found something substantial for I am not what one would call weak, I fear a party of researchers isn't up to holding off the kinds of monsters we faced. So I’m willing to pay the fee and recruit anyone who is willing to help. To be so close to a breakthrough and be driven off by what could be considered base pest is frustrating to a large degree you understand.

Pay: 750

Party Level: 2-4

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