Inaction has Consequences

30 Aug 2018 02:06
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Client: Ranger Captain Rida al-Surii

Location: Malyesta

GM Limitation: Ben

Job Description: One of our Rangers, a man by the name of Hakam al-Masal, has been missing for two months. Nahmeen's records indicate he posted a job with the FGC, but no one took it. Not surprising, considering how little coin he was offering.

His estranged wife, Nifa, came to us two days ago. She visited their home, and found the main floor a bloody, scorched mess. She found the cellar door locked and barricaded from the outside. Thankfully she had the sense to leave it be. She did not indicate hearing any movement in the cellar.

Given the evidence, and the text of the job he posted, the obvious explanation is that Hakam has been possessed. That, I'm afraid, lands this squarely in your court. Go in there and deal with the threat. If you can somehow get Hakam out of this alive, that would be wonderful, but I'm not holding my breath.

Nifa is currently in the protective custody of the Malyesta Guard, and should be at the barracks outside of normal working hours.

Pay: 8-10 k, depending if Hakam survives.

Party Level: 4-6

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