Capturing an Audience

21 Jun 2018 01:45
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Client: Basri the IV


GM Limitation:

Job Description: Hello there friends and potential business associates, I am Basri the IV and do I have a promising business deal for you. You see, as a man of wealth I enjoy spending it and spending it in hefty amounts. Moreover, I love investing it into mine and others entertainment. My latest project is to create a monster pit where brave adventurers like you or some random 2 copper peasant fight a dangerous and powerful monster to the death. Unfortunately, I am lacking on the monsters and I need to see if there is any demand for it. Fortunately for you, I can handle the logistics part so I need you to find some nasty beasty and bring it back for me to use in the show. And no ankhegs, they creep me out. Meet me in the scoundrel’s Spear around noon if you accept.

Pay: 700 gold per monster brought, negotiable

Party Level: 4-5

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