A Test of Restraint

27 Nov 2018 02:54

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Client: Empress Nailo Tesuka

Location: Malyesta

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Her Majesty requires the Frontier Guardian Core's assistance in a delicate matter. Her Majesty's spys have become aware of a band of Merrish raiders in the Roetwald, and She wishes to track them more precisely. Her Majesty would have you find these raiders, attack them, and plant a scrying beacon on them. Her Majesty would like to make clear that the Core is not to destroy the band entirely. Her Majesty wishes to know where these raiders will run when wounded. Her Majesty will dispatch Dusty to provide further information when the time comes. Her Majesty offers a bounty of 6,000 crowns for this service.

It is my great honor to serve,
Itoh Mitsae, scribe to Her Majesty the Empress Nailo Tesuka I, Sovereign of the Unified Tynrir of Terrisea

Pay: 6,000

Party Level: 4-6

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