A Healthy Disrespect for Authority

28 Dec 2018 05:50

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Client: Tyrna Maiko Chizue of Kyota

Location: Manande

GM Limitation:

Job Description: I am writing to inform the guild of an opportunity. You are not being hired per se, but I would like to give our new Empress's Ronin a chance to prove their usefulness.

While I'll not include too much detail, suffice it to say, my daughter has run off again. She has done this before, but she has never been gone this long before. If you come to Toyotanga, my steward can you more details.

I've posted a 10,000 gp bounty for her safe return. I'm not waiting around for you, by the way. I want her found.

Pay: 10,000

Party Level: 4-7

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