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A Test of Restraint - 27 Nov 2018 02:54


Client: Empress Nailo Tesuka

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Her Majesty requires the Frontier Guardian Core's assistance in a delicate matter. Her Majesty's spys have become aware of a band of Merrish raiders in the Roetwald, and She wishes to track them more precisely. Her Majesty would have you find these raiders, attack them, and plant a scrying beacon on them. Her Majesty would like to make clear that the Core is not to destroy the band entirely. Her Majesty wishes to know where these raiders will run when wounded. Her Majesty will dispatch Dusty to provide further information when the time comes. Her Majesty offers a bounty of 6,000 crowns for this service.

It is my great honor to serve,
Itoh Mitsae, scribe to Her Majesty the Empress Nailo Tesuka I, Sovereign of the Unified Tynrir of Terrisea

Pay: 6,000

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 0

Safe Keeping - 17 Nov 2018 01:07


Client: The Red Hind

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Got a tip from your pal Dusty. Your buddy Jamoor was set up, he was just routing funds and didn't know anything. His contact was a gal named Litte Sidur. Brass dragonborn, vintner, old money. OLD money, pre conquest old money.

Sidur family's got an heirloom. Dunno what it is, but she keeps it in a safe in her basement. I'd go myself but this is not a one-woman job, and I fly solo.

I'm not saying you should STEAL it, but if it happened to fall into my hands... could have its uses. Cash is light at the moment, but I've got a couple fun things for an adventuring type. Plus, I hear upper management chipped in last go round.

I'll have someone wait for you at Nanuye Square. Have fun.

Pay: … something?

Party Level: 2-4

Comments: 0

Rocks Fall, Somebody Dies I'm Sure - 16 Nov 2018 01:40

Tags: menande retrieval

Client: Sosaru the Smith

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Word reached me the other day of a meteorite that landed near Ayes Hill. There's a number of reasons I might be interested in such a thing, but mostly because they often contain useful metals. Of course I'm not the only one, the (there are several long crossed out words with various apparently incorrect spellings) Vishvevildali University often goes after odd things like this.

Now its a bit remote, I don't know exactly where it landed. You'll have to hunt for it, and there's no telling what sort of beasties you'll run into out there. Oh and you MIGHT want to think about how you're transporting it. Sorry, it's happened before.

I'll pay 3000 for it regardless what's inside, and just for fun, if it turns out to contain something useful, I'll make you something.

Pay: 3000 plus maybe a fancy weapon/armor

Party Level: 2-4

Comments: 0

Exorcising the Right - 16 Sep 2018 21:07

Tags: containment malyesta protection

Client: Fareeda al-Qasim

GM Limitation:

Job Description: During our travel of the sands, we were attacked by a death wurm. It's not unusual except when one of our men killed it, a horde of specters came out, and dived into a few of our men and women. They are restrained and we're ready to exorcise them but we need someone to help keep the spirits contained as we send them back to the afterlife.

Pay: 5000 gold total

Party Level: 2 - 5

Comments: 0

Building My Tower - 16 Sep 2018 20:57

Tags: government malyesta protection

Client: Court Wizard Aureliano La Monda

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Evening. I have received reports by the blood knights and the princess that the guild is to be trusted so I will. I am building a tower near the sand covered remains of that library so as to divine on it and to summon creatures safely in an attempt to aid my queen. I need the workers protected but I will be hiring full time bodyguards for that while getting assistance from the core as needed. What I need from you is to guard my scouts as they prep the area for initial construction and to make sure it is clear of any magical taint. This is bound to attract something nasty. Keep them alive and I will bring more service. They die and I will simply have to spend my coin elsewhere.

Pay: 30000 gold total

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 0

Making the Best - 16 Sep 2018 20:46

Tags: dungeon malyesta retrieval

Client: Haafiza al-Nagi

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Well my house is dust now and I've recently been laid off. With essentially nothing to lose, I figure that I can take the last of my savings and put it towards the one thing I've always wanted to do and follow up on a story from my father about when his grandfather still lived in the remlith. He left me a plant and told me that it's been passed down fo generations. It's to guide one of us to the light in the desert. I don't exactly know what that means but this thing has been barely alive for the last few generations and even survived the collapse. I'm not superstitious but I think I know a sign when I see one. If it leads us somewhere fruitful, that'll be cool. At worse, maybe I'll be able to connect with my grandfathers old tribe.

Pay: Hopefully what ever is out there and 5000 gold total

Party Level: 3-5

Comments: 0

A Boy and His Brother - 12 Sep 2018 16:31

Tags: malyesta nonviolent

Client: Lady Saeris

GM Limitation: Logan

Job Description: Hello. I am Lady Saeris, vampire and bard. I'm currently on a quest to gather individuals that will help me start up a large network of bards. I've spotted a few candidates and I would like help in recruiting them all. There should be not much need for violence and I have been told that the guild does jobs like this in addition to more gruesome jobs as well.

Pay: 10000 Total

Party Level: 2 - 3

Comments: 0

Earthquakes also have Consequences - 06 Sep 2018 22:06

Tags: containment malyesta tracking

Client: Malyesta Ranger Core

GM Limitation:

Job Description: The previous job in this chain, Inaction has Consequences, was not actually completed, as the party got kind of distracted by the earthquake Hern caused. TLDR, the Bad Thingy is a daeva. Specifically a Yaksa, a spirit that feeds on the anger of mortals. Since it's a spirit (most of the time) it can't actually die.

S Ranker Durzog, an expert on monster lore, says that the best way to deal with a creature like this is to bind it to someone who can feed its hunger for wrath, but also has the strength of will to command it. Such a confluence is called a Daevic.

Of course, the monster will take some time to reform. You'll have to track it down first.

Pay: 8k

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 0

Catch These Hands (Terrisea) - 30 Aug 2018 02:12

Tags: non-session

Client: ???

GM Limitation:

Job Description: This isn't a mission, it's a just a global side objective.

Rumor has it that someone is offering a lot of money to whoever manages to punch Princess Anathe in the face. No one's sure who, but whoever it is offers their assurances that "the Princess will understand".

If asked, Lao would advise against it. Course, you don't have to ask him.

Pay: A lot?

Party Level: N/A

Comments: 1

Shadows in Malserpus (Could take 1 - 4 sessions) - 02 Jul 2018 12:22

Tags: investigation

Client: Malserpus Ranger Ritane

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Wildlife activity near Malserpus is approaching a new high. The city tells me that someone is provoking them but they have stayed elusive. I need help as soon as possible finding the one who is doing this. The road is starting to become unsafe but safe travel is still possible if one moves soon.

Note: Given how this could take 1 - 4 sessions, please join if you think you could make 1 - 4 sessions consecutively for this mission.

Pay: 25000 gold

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 0

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Completed Jobs

A Healthy Disrespect for Authority - 28 Dec 2018 05:50


Client: Tyrna Maiko Chizue of Kyota

Job Description: I am writing to inform the guild of an opportunity. You are not being hired per se, but I would like to give our new Empress's Ronin a chance to prove their usefulness.

While I'll not include too much detail, suffice it to say, my daughter has run off again. She has done this before, but she has never been gone this long before. If you come to Toyotanga, my steward can you more details.

I've posted a 10,000 gp bounty for her safe return. I'm not waiting around for you, by the way. I want her found.

Pay: 10,000

Party Level: 4-7

Comments: 0

A Grand Opening! - 07 Dec 2018 00:10

Tags: collection eradication malyesta retrival

Client: Thom, and thus by extension her royal highness, Princess Bianca

Job Description: "My friends and Comrades! Our royal princess Bianca has blessed our town with the gift of sponsorship for the Arts! By her grace, a Theater is soon to come to our fine city. However, a grand theater requires a Grand opening! To do so, we need only the finest resources money can buy, or rather; the finest resources money can hire skill to get. For such a grand occasion we'll need a few things...."

-Secure the Venue. (COMPLETE) I've scouted around the city for the perfect spot, and I think I have it! An old strip mine, long run out of resources and converted into tiered warehouse of sorts. Unfortunately, it's been overrun by some thugs from the el-Malvomen family who seem to want to make an entrance into our fine city. Might I suggest we kill two birds with one stone by taking care of this little problem and thus securing a fine venue which we will begin renovations on immediately! (Get rid of some mob thugs by force, blackmail, dance-off, however you want)

-Hire the Great Zaroff, master illusionist! (COMPLETE) His mastery of performance illusory craft is paramount if opening night is to go off spectacularly! It's hard to hire a dragon for the stage without ruining the curtains, so we'll need someone of his skill in magic and performance to make a fake one for us. Unfortunately, he's a bit eccentric and has locked himself in his mansion since his early retirement. People say he's made some insane, and perhaps dangerous renovations to his home, and isn't taking visitors, so I don't want just anyone going in... (Go through the mansion of a crazy wizard shut-in)

-The Collar of Wanderers (COMPLETE): Said to be worn by the Saint of Travel them self, it now sits in the private collection of one Yotheb el-Malvomen, a local crime boss of Malvomen. We're already going to aggravate that family, so may as well take something else we need. A treasure like that deserves to be shown on stage where it can be appreciated for it's beauty and legendary associations! So I want it as a prop for opening night. (Break in and steal some loot from a mob boss)

-An original copy of 'A Parting of Ways; Tales of Travel and Ascention' (COMPLETE). It's widely regarded as a classic play and epic tale, penned by a venerable tribesman exile of the Remlith. The original copies of her works lie buried and protected, but I hope you can talk them into letting us borrow it in the name of Art. At the very least, get a copy. Really, these newer editions are absolutely shameless with their revisions... However, I've also heard reports that the catacombs it was left in were potentially overrun with vermin. (Obtain some old epic poetry, the means are up to you)

4 Missions total, I just wanted to place them all in one post. Help your good friend Thom out and support the Arts with these highly legal actions!

Pay: 2500 GP per mission, and a 300 GP bonus and a free ticket to each helper once all are complete!

Party Level: 2-4

Comments: 0

A New Discovery in the Remlith! - 06 Dec 2018 21:58

Tags: dungeon eradication malyesta

Client: The El-Malvomen Aggregate

Job Description: The shifting sands of the Remlith reveal to us yet new mysteries! A massive sinkhole seems to have spontaneously opened on the Queensroad, and something ancient has surfaced: A ruin, or abandoned structure of some sort. We of the El-Malvomen Aggregate are sponsoring the investigation of this ruin, and we intend to spare no expense. We have archeologists, translators, diviners, and more standing by for a full excavation. However, the exterior shows writings that speak of curses and death to any intruders. Naturally, you can imagine what we need you for.

Pay: 3999 Platinum, and approved recovered magic items

Party Level: 8-10

Comments: 0

Mousehunt - 27 Nov 2018 01:24


Client: Anonymous

Job Description: I have need a small crew of discreet individuals, capable warriors and cunning hunters both. My mark is a tricky foe, cunning and wily, not above even the basest, most cowardly tactics and magics. I cannot include great details here, as my prey knows she is being hunted. Simply inform your gentlefox of a guildmaster that you are ready, and he will know how to contact me. As far as I know, my quarry isn't going anywhere, but her continued existence is an affront and a danger to the realm itself!
Aid me, and you shall have my boon, and my bounty, should you require.

Pay: A boon and a bounty, whatever that means

Party Level: 2-4

Comments: 0

The Repo Man - 14 Oct 2018 21:51

Tags: investigation malyesta retrieval

Client: Reslin Krom

Job Description: I’m in need of help in recovering a magical item that was stolen from me. Unfortunately, it was stolen long ago, and I’ve just recently found out who has it. This is something of an unusual situation, so I can only explain the details to those who accept. I’ve tried speaking with the local guards and they’ve been no help. I need you to recover what is rightfully mine. I don’t care how you do it.

Pay: 12000

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 0

Hella Bling feat. Rain - 13 Oct 2018 18:57

Tags: guild malyesta retrieval

Client: Rain

Job Description: The following message is written in a fancy cursive script

Greetings fellow guild members! I am seeking a party of competent, fearless adventurers to join me on a mission to a place NEAR Mt. Death (not actually IN mt. Death, just NEAR it, don’t be a big baby). There is great treasure to be retrieved, but also great danger. Only adventurers with a heart of steel and who have little to no fear of magma elementals and various denizens of the volcano realm. The goal is to retrieve a specific, giant lava ruby, with peripheral minor rubies left as a reward for those brave enough to join me. Summer clothing recommended.

Pay: Whatever extra lava rubies are leftover

Party Level: 7-9

Comments: 0

I Hate Mundys - 08 Oct 2018 19:20

Tags: capture government menande

Client: Empress Tesuka

Job Description: From Lao:

The Empress has issued an arrest warrant for one Bann Mundy Jamoor. He rules a small bannorn in the more remote reaches of the Amber Plains, and has been sponsoring brigands to assault travelers loyal to the Empress. He resides in a small keep with his family, and is likely aware that someone is coming for him. Expect resistance.

Go there, capture this man, and bring him to the palace. You are not to kill anyone if you can at all avoid it. Otherwise, the method is up to your discretion.

Pay: 10,000 gp

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 1

The Dying of the Light - 03 Oct 2018 16:55

Tags: guild malyesta retrieval

Client: Turven on behalf of Tali

Job Description: A spirit has found Tali and Tali asks if anyone can go and retrieve the spirits body. It's located in the Remlith near the border to Muwamaka. I'll foot the expenses for the journey.

Pay: 8000 gold

Party Level: 2 - 5

Comments: 0

Sabotage - 16 Sep 2018 21:01

Tags: investigation malyesta

Client: Saami al-Bari

Job Description: Hello there friends, I run one of the many fighting circuits within Malyesta. Recently, many of my fighters have been suffering unusually unfortunate accidents at the start of matches. Match rigging isn't anything new but having one of the bleachers suddenly fall while a favored combatant sits on it among other similar things has me suspicious. I'd rather not involve the guard at this juncture so could you view some matches and see if you can detect anything iffy?

Pay: 1000 gold total. 500 more if something is up

Party Level: 2 - 3

Comments: 3

An Intoxicating Herb (Expires October 12) - 16 Sep 2018 20:50

Tags: collection guild menande

Client: Lie Decroix

Job Description: Hello. unfortunately, I am currently stuck in Maltyelma on business but a rare herb has bloomed in Muwamaka and I can't currently retrive it. It'll die in 3 weeks unless it's picked so could you please go and pick it up. Also if you run into trouble with the locals, tell them Lie sent you. I've attached a map and location to this mission

Pay: 20000 gold total

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 3

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