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Bad Influences - 26 Jun 2018 02:58

Tags: eradication

Client: Commander Laindra

GM Limitation:

Job Description: The Guild seems to be picking up traction so I'd like to see it in action. An old barracks situated near Malserpus has never been properly cleaned out and we'd like to finally get started on that. Mind lending a hand?

Pay: 25000 Gold

Party Level: 4 - 6

Comments: 0

How Inconven-ient - 26 Jun 2018 02:47

Tags: collection eradication

Client: Exile Rushmel Al-bez

GM Limitation:

Job Description: During a trip to the far west, my tribe and I happened upon some very strange weather. Upon further investigation, we managed to find and kill a coven of storm hags. However, we know that a few got away and we were recently ambushed by the remnants while we were on our way to malyesta. I expect that they've returned to their old hunting grounds. Bring me their heads and we will pay handsomely for each head brung.

Pay: 4000 Gold per head

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 0

Completed Jobs

An Eye for Food (Mission Removed) - 26 Jun 2018 02:50

Tags: collection

Client: Kalvus Finx

Job Description: Hi yes, I don't know how to write these things but my request is very simple. Behir eyes, four of theme to be exact, and they need to be as fresh as possible. I don't know what you all do to preserve them but they go bad in about a day so I hope you can acquire them with little trouble and keep them fresh. I will pay handsomely for them.

Pay: 25000 Gold

Party Level: 5 - 7

Comments: 0

Worms (expired) - 26 Jun 2018 02:48

Tags: attack collection

Client: Bug Collecter Leryx

Job Description: Death Worms. Two of them. As intact as you can possibly make them. Will pay much.

Pay: 30000 Gold

Party Level: 5 - 7

Comments: 0

Ruin Run - 26 Jun 2018 02:46

Tags: retrieval

Client: YV

Job Description: While performing research on outsiders I have realized that I may or may not have left a very important book with a friend of mine. Would someone be so kind as to retrieve it. I'll be available from 1 - 3 a.m. at the Scoundrel's Spear if anyone chooses to accept.

Pay: 12000 gold

Party Level: 4 - 6

Comments: 2

Dances with Lions (Mission Removed) - 21 Jun 2018 01:46

Tags: investigation

Client: Thrummund

Job Description: Oy, there’s this guy who came in recently. Looks to be from Charante best I can tell. While it is not my job to pry, I’ve noticed that he always comes back bloodied and covered in bite and scratch marks. He’s been here for about a week and it happens every other day (recovers fast he does). I had an employee inquire with the fight pits around the city and he hasn’t been to any of them. Could you do me a favor and look into the matter and make sure he isn’t about to get himself killed?

Pay: 300 gp per person

Party Level: 3

Comments: 0

Only a feeling - 21 Jun 2018 01:45

Tags: investigation

Client: Malyesta City Guard

Job Description: Recently, many residents have noted a strange unease that blankets them when they enter the bazaar around sundown. It may be nothing but it may be the beginnings of something. We formally request your help in this expedition. If you accept, we shall meet you at the guard barracks at an appointed time.

Pay: 1000 gold total with potential bonus

Party Level: 3-4

Comments: 0

Capturing an Audience - 21 Jun 2018 01:45

Tags: attack capture

Client: Basri the IV

Job Description: Hello there friends and potential business associates, I am Basri the IV and do I have a promising business deal for you. You see, as a man of wealth I enjoy spending it and spending it in hefty amounts. Moreover, I love investing it into mine and others entertainment. My latest project is to create a monster pit where brave adventurers like you or some random 2 copper peasant fight a dangerous and powerful monster to the death. Unfortunately, I am lacking on the monsters and I need to see if there is any demand for it. Fortunately for you, I can handle the logistics part so I need you to find some nasty beasty and bring it back for me to use in the show. And no ankhegs, they creep me out. Meet me in the scoundrel’s Spear around noon if you accept.

Pay: 700 gold per monster brought, negotiable

Party Level: 4-5

Comments: 1

Mom’s Old Basement (Mission Removed) - 21 Jun 2018 01:44

Tags: eradication

Client: Basheer al-Karima

Job Description: So my mother passed away a few days ago and I’ve come into possession of her house. When I went in to clean it out, I heard growling noises and I gotta admit. I’m not a brave type. So you all go in there and handle it please.

Pay: 1000 gp total

Party Level: 2-3

Comments: 0

Sparring Practice - 21 Jun 2018 01:43


Client: Commander Laindra

Job Description: Standard issue request of 5 to 6 members of the guild to help train the newer recruit. The subject is basic tactics and coordination. Standard pay.

Pay: 750gp

Party Level: 2-3

Comments: 0

Remlith Escort - 21 Jun 2018 01:41

Tags: escort protection

Client: Professor Priyanka of the Tempest College

Job Description: I am a traveling professor from the College of Tempest. I have made it my mission to explore the Remlith to figure out it’s secrets for about 200 years now with no success. However, on my last trip, our party spotted something unusual before being forced to return home after being attacked. I had been meaning to save my funds for when I found something substantial for I am not what one would call weak, I fear a party of researchers isn't up to holding off the kinds of monsters we faced. So I’m willing to pay the fee and recruit anyone who is willing to help. To be so close to a breakthrough and be driven off by what could be considered base pest is frustrating to a large degree you understand.

Pay: 750

Party Level: 2-4

Comments: 0

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