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Shadows in Malserpus (Could take 1 - 4 sessions) - 02 Jul 2018 12:22

Tags: investigation

Client: Malserpus Ranger Ritane

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Wildlife activity near Malserpus is approaching a new high. The city tells me that someone is provoking them but they have stayed elusive. I need help as soon as possible finding the one who is doing this. The road is starting to become unsafe but safe travel is still possible if one moves soon.

Note: Given how this could take 1 - 4 sessions, please join if you think you could make 1 - 4 sessions consecutively for this mission.

Pay: 25000 gold

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 0

Completed Jobs

A Study of Rust Monsters (expired) - 30 Jul 2018 00:32

Tags: capture escort malyesta

Client: Researcher Awn El-Rashad

Job Description: Hello. I need an escort to come with me and help me hunt down a few rust monsters for my own personal research. Expect more missions like this soon if it goes well.

Pay: 1000 gp each

Party Level: 2 - 4

Comments: 0

Missing WIfe - 30 Jul 2018 00:29


Client: Eugene Devillers

Job Description: My wife was kidnapped and my best sorcerers managed to track her to hear before she dissapeared. Please, I can't trust the guards with this, I require all the help I can get. I will pay handsomely.


Pay: 20000gp each

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 0

Counseling - 30 Jul 2018 00:26


Client: YV

Job Description: I've made a breakthrough on my research and I'm ready to start the hard part. I'm going to need someone to help keep me safe while I attempt some highly dangerous magic. Highly dangerous magic means high reward so if you're willing to lend a hand, that'd be perfect.


Pay: 10000gp each

Party Level: 5 - 7

Comments: 0

More Security Testing - 30 Jul 2018 00:23


Client: Security Master Theodred

Job Description: My master is in need of security testingn once more. He has recently made renovations to his mansion, and wants to test the security again. As before, we'll pay you to help test it, and throw in a bonus if you manage to "assassinate" him.

Pay: 1500 gp

Party Level: 2 - 4

Comments: 2

Mystery Temple of Doom - 22 Jul 2018 02:25


Client: ???

Job Description: Adventurers, the FGC has called upon you for a top secret mission. The few details given indicate this mission will involve reconnaissance, but the ability to eliminate any possible threat is required. Undead specialists also sought. The mission is being requested by an unknown third party, and the reward is listed as "worthwhile". Experienced in battle encouraged, but any with the heart and skills are welcome to join, at their own risk.

Pay: "Worthwhile"

Party Level: 4+

Comments: 1

Rebellion in the Roetwald - 09 Jul 2018 13:15


Client: Crown Princess Anathe Tesuka, of Terrisea

Job Description: NOTE: The events below have not happened yet. This session will take place on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. Signup deadline is Sunday July 15th, which is when this event occurs. Due to travel times, once that date passes, all characters going on the mission will be unavailable for other missions until they return, 1 week after this mission is completed. The mission might take 2 sessions, but I will strive to keep it to 1. Participating characters must have their B rank recommendation (if the character is level 4, they probably have it, but you can check with Ben or Logan) and must be able to speak Terrisean.

Early one Vensrek morning, the front door of the Guild bursts open. In the door is a teenaged looking elf girl: short silver hair, light armor made for travel, a silver circlet, a pair of daggers on her belt, and a serious expression. Sweaty and breathing hard, she strides towards Lucef's desk, and hops up to stand on top of it. She turns to face the Guild, and claps once, commanding the attention of everyone in the room. You can see Turven and Nahmeen on the stairs, watching. The elf’s face marks her as Terrisean, but she addresses the guild with a perfect Rhoegn accent.

“My name is Anathe Tesuka. My mother is Nailo Tesuka, the sorceress who has taken the Terrisean throne. While we are establishing our position mainly through diplomacy, some of the nobility has taken this as an opportunity to advance themselves. Arl Geno von Wildebruk and Arl Sibo von Glenefelds are pressuring Tyrna Eldis to secede from the Empire. It could break into war at any moment. My mother has given me a budget and tasked me with dealing with the problem. We can't trust our military just yet, and Terrisean mercenaries are likely to have their own loyalties, so I'm coming to you.

“I have five other griffons to carry us to the Roetwald. You'll likely be gone for at least three weeks. I want people who can keep a low profile, who can fight without killing, who can canvas a town for information, and who speak Terrisean. Terrisean natives would be even better. I don't want anyone famous, so your S-Rankers are out of the question. Don't worry about the borders, I can get you over.

“I am going upstairs to speak with Princess Bianca for a couple of hours. After I'm done, I'm leaving immediately, with whoever is ready to go. My remaining budget is about forty thousand gold. Whatever's left at the end, you can split as you like.”

Anathe jumps down from Lucef's desk and heads for the stairs. She looks down at Nahmeen and says “I need to speak with the Princess.” Nahmeen exchanges a look with Turven, then wordlessly turns to go upstairs, while Turven stays and blocks the stairs. Anathe turns to address the room once more. “Any questions?”

After about ten minutes, Nahmeen returns and nods to Anathe. Anathe cuts off the next question and marches upstairs. All eyes fall to Turven and the Guildmaster. Nahmeen speaks.

“A and B rankers only. Don't screw this up.

Comment your questions for the client if you have any!

Pay: The remainder of Anathe's 40,000 gp budget. Double XP. Spoils of war? PLOT.

Party Level: 4-7. B Rank required. Must speak Terrisean

Comments: 1

Dangerous Rumors - 02 Jul 2018 12:10

Tags: investigation retrieval

Client: Clement Decroix

Job Description: I'll be 100% clear. I don't like you, and you probably won't like me. But I have money and you have expertise so hears the deal. I been hearing rumors for quite a while of someone selling dangerous beast around here and I'm not for it. Hating something and taking away somethings freedoms are two different things ya dig. I've been doing my own investigative work and I turned up a lead. Investigate it, and if turns out to be something I'll throw in a bonus.

Pay: 8000 gold with a potential for a bonus

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 1

My Mothers Diary (Expires July 23rd) - 02 Jul 2018 11:57

Tags: investigation retrieval

Client: Kameel al-Azad

Job Description: We of the al-Azad tribe pride ourselves on our written records of our history, each of us keeping diaries of our previous experiences. When we die, our young inherit these books of wisdom. My mother was killed a few days ago and the killer stole her diary among other things. He is currently being held by the Malyesta guard but he has refused to provide any information I can use as to where he is keeping her diary. Please, I beg you, find this tome so that I may continue my mothers legacy.

Pay: 2000 gold

Party Level: 3 - 5

Comments: 5

Undead Uprising - 02 Jul 2018 11:51

Tags: eradication investigation

Client: Commander Laindra

Job Description: We've recently received reports of a mass of undead soldiers starting to congregate near the dragon's skull among other things about that site. Eradicate them and figure out what's happening there and you'll be paid nicely

Pay: 3000 gold each

Party Level: 4 - 6

Comments: 1

I Thought About Killing You Today (Will Escalate) - 02 Jul 2018 11:49

Tags: protection

Client: Malyesta Guard Hakam

Job Description: This job has expired.

The Job notice is unreadable but seems to be re-written:

Help. Please I need help. Every night ever since I visited some ruins I've felt this overwhelming urge to just kill something, someone, anything. I've kept it under control for a few weeks but it feels like a beast is slowly trying to break out and do something. I found an exorcist but I'm worried that this thing may kill them when it comes out. I just need some moral support, please. Find a guard captain and show them the notice when you get this.

Pay: 100 Gold each

Party Level: 4 - 6

Comments: 0

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