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How Inconven-ient - 26 Jun 2018 02:47

Tags: collection eradication

Client: Exile Rushmel Al-bez

GM Limitation:

Job Description: During a trip to the far west, my tribe and I happened upon some very strange weather. Upon further investigation, we managed to find and kill a coven of storm hags. However, we know that a few got away and we were recently ambushed by the remnants while we were on our way to malyesta. I expect that they've returned to their old hunting grounds. Bring me their heads and we will pay handsomely for each head brung.

Pay: 4000 Gold per head

Party Level: 4 - 7

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Completed Jobs

A Grand Opening! - 07 Dec 2018 00:10

Tags: collection eradication malyesta retrival

Client: Thom, and thus by extension her royal highness, Princess Bianca

Job Description: "My friends and Comrades! Our royal princess Bianca has blessed our town with the gift of sponsorship for the Arts! By her grace, a Theater is soon to come to our fine city. However, a grand theater requires a Grand opening! To do so, we need only the finest resources money can buy, or rather; the finest resources money can hire skill to get. For such a grand occasion we'll need a few things...."

-Secure the Venue. (COMPLETE) I've scouted around the city for the perfect spot, and I think I have it! An old strip mine, long run out of resources and converted into tiered warehouse of sorts. Unfortunately, it's been overrun by some thugs from the el-Malvomen family who seem to want to make an entrance into our fine city. Might I suggest we kill two birds with one stone by taking care of this little problem and thus securing a fine venue which we will begin renovations on immediately! (Get rid of some mob thugs by force, blackmail, dance-off, however you want)

-Hire the Great Zaroff, master illusionist! (COMPLETE) His mastery of performance illusory craft is paramount if opening night is to go off spectacularly! It's hard to hire a dragon for the stage without ruining the curtains, so we'll need someone of his skill in magic and performance to make a fake one for us. Unfortunately, he's a bit eccentric and has locked himself in his mansion since his early retirement. People say he's made some insane, and perhaps dangerous renovations to his home, and isn't taking visitors, so I don't want just anyone going in... (Go through the mansion of a crazy wizard shut-in)

-The Collar of Wanderers (COMPLETE): Said to be worn by the Saint of Travel them self, it now sits in the private collection of one Yotheb el-Malvomen, a local crime boss of Malvomen. We're already going to aggravate that family, so may as well take something else we need. A treasure like that deserves to be shown on stage where it can be appreciated for it's beauty and legendary associations! So I want it as a prop for opening night. (Break in and steal some loot from a mob boss)

-An original copy of 'A Parting of Ways; Tales of Travel and Ascention' (COMPLETE). It's widely regarded as a classic play and epic tale, penned by a venerable tribesman exile of the Remlith. The original copies of her works lie buried and protected, but I hope you can talk them into letting us borrow it in the name of Art. At the very least, get a copy. Really, these newer editions are absolutely shameless with their revisions... However, I've also heard reports that the catacombs it was left in were potentially overrun with vermin. (Obtain some old epic poetry, the means are up to you)

4 Missions total, I just wanted to place them all in one post. Help your good friend Thom out and support the Arts with these highly legal actions!

Pay: 2500 GP per mission, and a 300 GP bonus and a free ticket to each helper once all are complete!

Party Level: 2-4

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An Intoxicating Herb (Expires October 12) - 16 Sep 2018 20:50

Tags: collection guild menande

Client: Lie Decroix

Job Description: Hello. unfortunately, I am currently stuck in Maltyelma on business but a rare herb has bloomed in Muwamaka and I can't currently retrive it. It'll die in 3 weeks unless it's picked so could you please go and pick it up. Also if you run into trouble with the locals, tell them Lie sent you. I've attached a map and location to this mission

Pay: 20000 gold total

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 3

The Bow of Uewas the Red (Terrisea) - 30 Aug 2018 04:14

Tags: collection tracking

Client: Hari von Leneruck

Job Description: To the master of the Frontier Guardian Core,

My name is Hari von Leneruck. I am the owner of the Third Arrow Inn, in Leneruck. First, a little history.

The Third Arrow is named after the legend of Uewas the Red, a hero from the time before Saigon's conquests. There are many folk tales featuring her, but the one in question is the tale of the Third Arrow. The story goes that she set out to rid the Roetwald of an ancient green dragon. Through various trials, each of them a popular tale of their own, she wound up facing the monster down with only three arrows. She missed her first two shots, but the third struck it in the eye and killed it instantly.

The Inn is built on the site of this battle, and possessed a number of artifacts from this tale, being the arrow, the dragon's skull, and her bow. The only one we have left is the skull, the bow and the arrow stolen and lost before my time. Recently, I have heard tell of a vagabond wielding a bow that matches the descriptions I have of the weapon (I've enclosed a copy of a sketch I have). Her name is Ysildad, and her reputation is... colorful. An outlaw, but she has a few heroic acts to her name as well.

I would like the bow out of this outlaw's hands. We don't need it back, although that would be nice. I just want the bow in the hands of someone who will take care of it, and ideally, someone easier to track down. That said, I will also pay a fair price for the artifact. I'm sure someone would pay to have Ysildad brought in as well, but that's not important to me.

I offer fifteen thousand for this service. I do ask to see the bow in person.

Until then.


Pay: 15k, and either a sweet bow or some more money.

Party Level: 4-6

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An Eye for Food (Mission Removed) - 26 Jun 2018 02:50

Tags: collection

Client: Kalvus Finx

Job Description: Hi yes, I don't know how to write these things but my request is very simple. Behir eyes, four of theme to be exact, and they need to be as fresh as possible. I don't know what you all do to preserve them but they go bad in about a day so I hope you can acquire them with little trouble and keep them fresh. I will pay handsomely for them.

Pay: 25000 Gold

Party Level: 5 - 7

Comments: 0

Worms (expired) - 26 Jun 2018 02:48

Tags: attack collection

Client: Bug Collecter Leryx

Job Description: Death Worms. Two of them. As intact as you can possibly make them. Will pay much.

Pay: 30000 Gold

Party Level: 5 - 7

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