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Shadows in Malserpus (Could take 1 - 4 sessions) - 02 Jul 2018 12:22

Tags: investigation

Client: Malserpus Ranger Ritane

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Wildlife activity near Malserpus is approaching a new high. The city tells me that someone is provoking them but they have stayed elusive. I need help as soon as possible finding the one who is doing this. The road is starting to become unsafe but safe travel is still possible if one moves soon.

Note: Given how this could take 1 - 4 sessions, please join if you think you could make 1 - 4 sessions consecutively for this mission.

Pay: 25000 gold

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 0

Completed Jobs

The Repo Man - 14 Oct 2018 21:51

Tags: investigation malyesta retrieval

Client: Reslin Krom

Job Description: I’m in need of help in recovering a magical item that was stolen from me. Unfortunately, it was stolen long ago, and I’ve just recently found out who has it. This is something of an unusual situation, so I can only explain the details to those who accept. I’ve tried speaking with the local guards and they’ve been no help. I need you to recover what is rightfully mine. I don’t care how you do it.

Pay: 12000

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 0

Sabotage - 16 Sep 2018 21:01

Tags: investigation malyesta

Client: Saami al-Bari

Job Description: Hello there friends, I run one of the many fighting circuits within Malyesta. Recently, many of my fighters have been suffering unusually unfortunate accidents at the start of matches. Match rigging isn't anything new but having one of the bleachers suddenly fall while a favored combatant sits on it among other similar things has me suspicious. I'd rather not involve the guard at this juncture so could you view some matches and see if you can detect anything iffy?

Pay: 1000 gold total. 500 more if something is up

Party Level: 2 - 3

Comments: 3

A Taste of Home (Terrisea) - 30 Aug 2018 21:10

Tags: investigation menande

Client: Gravekeeper Gyles Ruson

Job Description: I need you to keep this quiet. Over the last couple months, we've found a number of graves exhumed, and the bodies missing. There's a pattern, somewhat. The graves are nameless paupers, all elves, all women, all fairly recent, within the last year or so. I've gone to the guards, but whoever it is obviously has them in their pocket.

Please, stop this. They're going to run out of nameless elf women in a couple months, if the pattern holds. I don't want to know what happens after that.

I've got eight thousand for you. Don't ask for more, I'm dipping into my savings as it is.

Pay: 8000 gp

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 1

Inaction has Consequences - 30 Aug 2018 02:06

Tags: eradication investigation

Client: Ranger Captain Rida al-Surii

Job Description: One of our Rangers, a man by the name of Hakam al-Masal, has been missing for two months. Nahmeen's records indicate he posted a job with the FGC, but no one took it. Not surprising, considering how little coin he was offering.

His estranged wife, Nifa, came to us two days ago. She visited their home, and found the main floor a bloody, scorched mess. She found the cellar door locked and barricaded from the outside. Thankfully she had the sense to leave it be. She did not indicate hearing any movement in the cellar.

Given the evidence, and the text of the job he posted, the obvious explanation is that Hakam has been possessed. That, I'm afraid, lands this squarely in your court. Go in there and deal with the threat. If you can somehow get Hakam out of this alive, that would be wonderful, but I'm not holding my breath.

Nifa is currently in the protective custody of the Malyesta Guard, and should be at the barracks outside of normal working hours.

Pay: 8-10 k, depending if Hakam survives.

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 1

Dangerous Rumors - 02 Jul 2018 12:10

Tags: investigation retrieval

Client: Clement Decroix

Job Description: I'll be 100% clear. I don't like you, and you probably won't like me. But I have money and you have expertise so hears the deal. I been hearing rumors for quite a while of someone selling dangerous beast around here and I'm not for it. Hating something and taking away somethings freedoms are two different things ya dig. I've been doing my own investigative work and I turned up a lead. Investigate it, and if turns out to be something I'll throw in a bonus.

Pay: 8000 gold with a potential for a bonus

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 1

My Mothers Diary (Expires July 23rd) - 02 Jul 2018 11:57

Tags: investigation retrieval

Client: Kameel al-Azad

Job Description: We of the al-Azad tribe pride ourselves on our written records of our history, each of us keeping diaries of our previous experiences. When we die, our young inherit these books of wisdom. My mother was killed a few days ago and the killer stole her diary among other things. He is currently being held by the Malyesta guard but he has refused to provide any information I can use as to where he is keeping her diary. Please, I beg you, find this tome so that I may continue my mothers legacy.

Pay: 2000 gold

Party Level: 3 - 5

Comments: 5

Undead Uprising - 02 Jul 2018 11:51

Tags: eradication investigation

Client: Commander Laindra

Job Description: We've recently received reports of a mass of undead soldiers starting to congregate near the dragon's skull among other things about that site. Eradicate them and figure out what's happening there and you'll be paid nicely

Pay: 3000 gold each

Party Level: 4 - 6

Comments: 1

Dances with Lions (Mission Removed) - 21 Jun 2018 01:46

Tags: investigation

Client: Thrummund

Job Description: Oy, there’s this guy who came in recently. Looks to be from Charante best I can tell. While it is not my job to pry, I’ve noticed that he always comes back bloodied and covered in bite and scratch marks. He’s been here for about a week and it happens every other day (recovers fast he does). I had an employee inquire with the fight pits around the city and he hasn’t been to any of them. Could you do me a favor and look into the matter and make sure he isn’t about to get himself killed?

Pay: 300 gp per person

Party Level: 3

Comments: 0

Only a feeling - 21 Jun 2018 01:45

Tags: investigation

Client: Malyesta City Guard

Job Description: Recently, many residents have noted a strange unease that blankets them when they enter the bazaar around sundown. It may be nothing but it may be the beginnings of something. We formally request your help in this expedition. If you accept, we shall meet you at the guard barracks at an appointed time.

Pay: 1000 gold total with potential bonus

Party Level: 3-4

Comments: 0

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