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Exorcising the Right - 16 Sep 2018 21:07

Tags: containment malyesta protection

Client: Fareeda al-Qasim

GM Limitation:

Job Description: During our travel of the sands, we were attacked by a death wurm. It's not unusual except when one of our men killed it, a horde of specters came out, and dived into a few of our men and women. They are restrained and we're ready to exorcise them but we need someone to help keep the spirits contained as we send them back to the afterlife.

Pay: 5000 gold total

Party Level: 2 - 5

Comments: 0

Building My Tower - 16 Sep 2018 20:57

Tags: government malyesta protection

Client: Court Wizard Aureliano La Monda

GM Limitation:

Job Description: Evening. I have received reports by the blood knights and the princess that the guild is to be trusted so I will. I am building a tower near the sand covered remains of that library so as to divine on it and to summon creatures safely in an attempt to aid my queen. I need the workers protected but I will be hiring full time bodyguards for that while getting assistance from the core as needed. What I need from you is to guard my scouts as they prep the area for initial construction and to make sure it is clear of any magical taint. This is bound to attract something nasty. Keep them alive and I will bring more service. They die and I will simply have to spend my coin elsewhere.

Pay: 30000 gold total

Party Level: 4 - 7

Comments: 0

Completed Jobs

I Thought About Killing You Today (Will Escalate) - 02 Jul 2018 11:49

Tags: protection

Client: Malyesta Guard Hakam

Job Description: This job has expired.

The Job notice is unreadable but seems to be re-written:

Help. Please I need help. Every night ever since I visited some ruins I've felt this overwhelming urge to just kill something, someone, anything. I've kept it under control for a few weeks but it feels like a beast is slowly trying to break out and do something. I found an exorcist but I'm worried that this thing may kill them when it comes out. I just need some moral support, please. Find a guard captain and show them the notice when you get this.

Pay: 100 Gold each

Party Level: 4 - 6

Comments: 0

Remlith Escort - 21 Jun 2018 01:41

Tags: escort protection

Client: Professor Priyanka of the Tempest College

Job Description: I am a traveling professor from the College of Tempest. I have made it my mission to explore the Remlith to figure out it’s secrets for about 200 years now with no success. However, on my last trip, our party spotted something unusual before being forced to return home after being attacked. I had been meaning to save my funds for when I found something substantial for I am not what one would call weak, I fear a party of researchers isn't up to holding off the kinds of monsters we faced. So I’m willing to pay the fee and recruit anyone who is willing to help. To be so close to a breakthrough and be driven off by what could be considered base pest is frustrating to a large degree you understand.

Pay: 750

Party Level: 2-4

Comments: 0

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