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Earthquakes also have Consequences - 06 Sep 2018 22:06

Tags: containment malyesta tracking

Client: Malyesta Ranger Core

GM Limitation:

Job Description: The previous job in this chain, Inaction has Consequences, was not actually completed, as the party got kind of distracted by the earthquake Hern caused. TLDR, the Bad Thingy is a daeva. Specifically a Yaksa, a spirit that feeds on the anger of mortals. Since it's a spirit (most of the time) it can't actually die.

S Ranker Durzog, an expert on monster lore, says that the best way to deal with a creature like this is to bind it to someone who can feed its hunger for wrath, but also has the strength of will to command it. Such a confluence is called a Daevic.

Of course, the monster will take some time to reform. You'll have to track it down first.

Pay: 8k

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 0

Completed Jobs

A Test of Metal - 19 Jan 2019 03:54

Tags: eradication guild menande tracking

Client: Guildmaster Lao

Job Description: I’m sure you’re all aware that this guild has often dealt with bandits – usually by bringing them to justice. However, it seems that some local bandits have been returning the favor. There have been several raids on our supply lines from the east, and after checking with officials, it seems that we are the only ones affected. Whoever this is seems to be targeting the Guild specifically, and I would like to find out why. We need you to track down these bandits and either bring them to justice or show them that the Guild is not to be trifled with.

Pay: 2000

Party Level: 2-4

Comments: 0

The Bow of Uewas the Red (Terrisea) - 30 Aug 2018 04:14

Tags: collection tracking

Client: Hari von Leneruck

Job Description: To the master of the Frontier Guardian Core,

My name is Hari von Leneruck. I am the owner of the Third Arrow Inn, in Leneruck. First, a little history.

The Third Arrow is named after the legend of Uewas the Red, a hero from the time before Saigon's conquests. There are many folk tales featuring her, but the one in question is the tale of the Third Arrow. The story goes that she set out to rid the Roetwald of an ancient green dragon. Through various trials, each of them a popular tale of their own, she wound up facing the monster down with only three arrows. She missed her first two shots, but the third struck it in the eye and killed it instantly.

The Inn is built on the site of this battle, and possessed a number of artifacts from this tale, being the arrow, the dragon's skull, and her bow. The only one we have left is the skull, the bow and the arrow stolen and lost before my time. Recently, I have heard tell of a vagabond wielding a bow that matches the descriptions I have of the weapon (I've enclosed a copy of a sketch I have). Her name is Ysildad, and her reputation is... colorful. An outlaw, but she has a few heroic acts to her name as well.

I would like the bow out of this outlaw's hands. We don't need it back, although that would be nice. I just want the bow in the hands of someone who will take care of it, and ideally, someone easier to track down. That said, I will also pay a fair price for the artifact. I'm sure someone would pay to have Ysildad brought in as well, but that's not important to me.

I offer fifteen thousand for this service. I do ask to see the bow in person.

Until then.


Pay: 15k, and either a sweet bow or some more money.

Party Level: 4-6

Comments: 1

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