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Player Characters


Arashi is played by a Zach.


Hailing from a distant planet, B-3113, or "Belle" is an android designed to be what is effectively a S.W.A.T. officer. She is trained apprehend dangerous criminals with nonlethal unarmed combat techniques and offensive Life magic. She also has no clue how she got to Pia Suirenia, or where this place even is relative to her home.

To hear her tell it, she went in for scheduled maintenance, and woke up in a Valish laboratory. The scientists there had found her deactivated in the mountains and had been studying her, reactivating her by accident in the process. She allowed them to continue, in exchange for the opportunity to study at the university. This went on for some time, until she ran into Princess Anathe, there on political business. They got to talking, and Ana convinced Belle that she could do more good in Terrisea, and proceeded to foist this weird robot woman on Lao. Poor guy.

Belle is played by Ben.

Bjrakk "Jack" Eviynar

Bjrakk is played by Drew


Cimy is played by Mikey.

Derekon "Derek" Animal-Tongue

Derek is played by Logan.


Dorian is played by Joe.

Ephraim Buchanan

Ephraim is played by Jerry.

Frank Korev

Frank is played by Colin.

Franklin Zattrino

Franklin is a human incanter, who specializes in Creation sphere magic. Born and raised in the Amber Plains, Franky's life was divided between his two controlling parents. His father, Marco Zattrino, an accomplished wizard, wanted his son to become a master practiccioner of magics. His mother, Mary Zattrino, wanted her son to follow her footsteps and become a master chef. Franky's brother Richard trained with their father, and his sister Katrina trained with their mother. Because of an uneven number of children, Marco and Mary fought over who Franklin would train under. Eventually, they both agreed to train him, in different parts of the day. In the morning, he was an apprentice chef, and at night, he was an apprentice mage. Franklin's dual training, though crushing and difficult, allowed him to utilize his skills in new ways. For example, conjuring food and drink at will.

Eventually, Franklin left his home, striking out on his own in the world. He had heard of a distant cousin living in Malyesta, and it was the only family he had that was far away from his home. He eventually made it, only his distant cousin was nowhere to be found. Despite this, he became a citizen of Rhoger, serving his mandatory military service, and managed to survive. After his time in the military, he setup a small pastry shop, before eventually joining the guild after hearing multiple stories from one of his frequent patrons: Okwari.

Due to his actions regarding the recovery of a magical rose for the princess, he has been knighted as Sir Zattrino.

Franklin is played by Jackson.


Hawk is played by Ryan.


Ioha is played by Mikey.


It's pronounced dja-KWES.

Jacques is played by Mikey.


Kali is played by Logan.

Marcus Fallingstar

The best way to summarize Marcus's personality, is to say that he is a theater kid. He is charismatic, exuberant, likely to burst into song, and there's like a 5% chance he's straight. He's also not that bright. And he's a PERFECTLY. NORMAL. HALF-ELF. I swer.

Marcus is from Leneruck, the seat of power in the Roetwald. He was a tiny urchin child when he was taken in by the Temple of Ullr, and began training to be a paladin. He turned out to be a promising student, and though he doesn't really embody the gravitas (or good judgment) expected of a paladin, his kind heart and his skill in battle made him very popular in their little academy. Said academy runs a little arena on the side, to bring in some money and to showcase their students. Marcus took to this arena with gusto, enjoying the show of it. As an orphan, Marcus was given the surname Star, and he turned that into his stage name "the Falling Star". Now he uses it as his surname (lmao what a dork).

When the FGC came to Leneruck with Princess Anathe, Marcus served as a runner between the Princess and the Temple. He thought Ana was Really Freakin Nifty. Later on, he gave in to his restless spirit to go be an adventurer! Hell yeah! He currently serves as the greeter at the Menande guildhouse, along with his adventuring duties.

Marcus is played by Ben.

Mura no Kiyohi

Kiyohi is a human shifter from Kyota, in Terrisea. He immigrated to Rhoegr and served his two years in the military to gain his citizenship, then joined the FGC as a change of pace. Taciturn, but with a sense of humor, he's a Lawful Neutral type, a "good soldier" as it were. His favored method of combat is to transform into a big dragon, and use Life, Berserker, Guardian, and Shield to tank.

Kiyohi is played by Ben.

Nay'ri Amakiir

Nay'ri is a decataur, a mix between a centaur and some other bipedal race, usually an elf. Probably. She doesn't actually know who or what her birth parents are, as she was found by the herd as a tiny baby, abandoned in the outskirts the Muwamaka jungle. The herd leaders, Luaffyn, a powerful seer, and Atiua, a skilled huntress and commander, raised her as their own.

Nay'ri was a sickly child, but seemed to have a strange connection to the spirit realm. She has always had a nearly effortless rapport with minor spirits, and once she and her father figured out how to have the spirits reinforce her frail body, she starting developing other ways to use their power. Combined with a talent for medicine, she became what is effectively a witch doctor. Her mother taught her leadership techniques as well, and her experience traveling with the herd's warriors has made her into an effective squadron commander. This, combined with her healing abilities, makes her an excellent defensive support.

She was twenty years old when the herd signed the Treaty of the Nomads, and Nay'ri considers this to be the best thing that happened to the herd. It granted them official status in Terrisea, and allowed them to roam much further than they previously could. Nay'ri has taken full advantage of this, and the fact that, as the daughter of the chiefs she is technically nobility, to travel abroad. She is quite possibly the only decataur to ever travel to Abylos, the kingdom of the dwarves.

As nobility, she and her parents were invited to the Landsmoot. Nay'ri believes that if the Tesuka family fails, Terrisea will be reduced back to a collection of warring city-states, and the Treaty of the Nomads will be no more. She doesn't want that, and so has joined to FGC to advance the Empress's interests, and now that she's seen Menande, to clean up this mess of a city. Or at least teach people some basic sanitation, have you seen Lowtown lately? She also tends the greenhouse at the Menande guildhouse.

Nay'ri is played by Ben.

Njonja Mwera

Njonja Mwera is a jungle elf Vector Symbiat. She hails from the Chingwe AKA the Dirty Jungle ElvesTM, a reclusive and enigmatic tribe of elves that lives in the Muwamaka jungle, in southern Terrisea. Njonja is on a hundred year journey to see the world. All of it, even the nasty parts. She came to Rhoegr because she found herself unwelcome in Terrisea after she got involved in a gang war in the capital of Menande. Once in Rhoegr, she figured that the FGC was a good way meet new people and see new things, so now she's here.

Njonja is a skilled telekinetic, capable of very fine detail and control. So fine in fact, that she can use telekinesis to pick a lock. Or a pocket. Both of which she's very good at. She also uses her powers for evil, as an insatiable prankster. No one is safe, not even the Guildmaster. Well, Turven's probably safe, she's not stupid. She also plays a mean fiddle.

Njonja fights dirty, using Telekinesis to be a Scoundrel, focusing on Dirty Tricks and Stealing her opponents' stuff. She is also quite capable of weaponizing her magic, decking fools in the face with an invisible telekinetic fist, though she'd rather not. She doesn't like killing.

Njonja is played by Ben.


It's real long, and also in character

If it wasn't, then it would only tell you half of who Okwari is. It's best he explains it himself.

Okwari is played by Jackson.


Orca was played by Ryan, until Orca had a panic attack and died. The End.

Pumza Adetokunbo

Pumza is played by Garrett.


Rain is played by Ahmad

Rayiys "Flare" Alnaar

Rayiys has lived…a troubled life. Before he was born, a wizard cursed his father's first born child to be born a demon. Lo and behold, Rayiys was that child. He was born with blazing skin, and a head of pure flame, hence the moniker: "Flare". His father left their hometown of Malserpus his mother shortly after he was born, swearing to find the wizard that cursed him and undo the spell. His father was never found, assumed dead by his mother. Despite his affliction, his mother still loved him. She protected him, fearing the outside world would shun him for his appearance.

And they did.

Enough to shun him out of the public school system and into home school. It certainly didn't help that Flare began to exhibit more and more demon like mannerisms as he grew up, like mastery of fire magic, and a particularly strong force of will. As he grew up, his skills with his magic improved, eventually gaining a handle on his more demonic tendencies. He joined the guild out of an interest in adventuring, and of course, money.

Flare is played by Jackson


Ro is played by Joe.

Roku Kasami

Roku, Roku's horse, and Roku's inner monologue are all played by Drew.


Rya is played by Logan.


Samson is played by Jerry.


Sen is played by Logan.


Silloun is played by Adam.


Tak is a skinwalker that hails from the recent nation of Charante. He is from the wolf tribe which makes him the rare sight indeed in the continent of Pia. He is a naturally likable fellow, especially compared to his brothers, but it doesn’t take too long to tell that he isn’t the sharpest arrow in the quiver. Not only that, but he seems to favor a path of pacifism, preferring to avoid any and all potential or current conflicts when he can, calling himself a lover and not a fighter. His lover tendencies have caused him more than his fair share of troubles, his most recent being that he joined the Frontier Guardian Core. Despite these tendencies, he has proven himself to be more than capable in a fight as he has been able to use his rather chaotic powers to great effect. Overall, a heckin good boy that can do no wrong, 12/10.

Tak is played by Logan.


Thom is played by Adam.

Torikku Kasami

Torikku is played by Drew.

Ud'ma al-In

Ud'ma is a tiefling, raised by the al-In tribe of Exiles in the Remlith. He was found in the sand as a child, evidently placed in the tribe's path with a note and an envelope. The note stated his name, and warned the tribe that his fiendish heritage came from one of his mothers, who was a succubus. Ud'ma was raised to be a Good Boy, which is good because he ended up having a great talent with Mind magic and shapeshifting. He dislikes Mind magic though, and prefers to study Divination magic and swordplay.

Ud'ma is played by Ben.

Weyland Ivaldi

Weyland is played by Jerry.


Yharm was played by Ahmad, but he left the adventuring life to start a law firm. Yharm, Yharm, Yharm&Yharm. He just opened his banking division!

Yuki Mayanaka

Yuki is played by Logan.


"how do I play this game ah fuck oh no Jacksons getting mad at me again cause idk what my own character does oh shit uh theyre a robot uh distant screaming" - Brandon

Yuzu is played by Brandon.

Rhoegr FGC Staff

Guildmaster Nahmeen Rosaris

Guildmaster Nahmeen is a skaven. She's nominally in charge of the Core, but in practice Turven does just as much as she does. She takes her duties seriously, but not too seriously. She is liked well enough, but she takes full advantage of her privileges, if you know what I mean. She's a tinkerer, always working on some project or another, usually one that seems utterly mad to an outside observer. Also, she will never have a character portrait. It's just a thing now.


Turven is a tiefling, an S-ranker, and the most highly regarded member of the Core. He always wears a heavy white winter coat, even in the middle of the desert. He is not as organized as Nahmeen, and is less interested in the whole personal interaction thing than Nahmeen is. He uses Dark magic, and doesn't have much patience for BS. He is about as responsible for the day to day operation of the FGC as Nahmeen is.

He is married to Tali.


Lucef is the Core's receptionist. No one knows what he "really" is, because he shapeshifts into a different form every day. He's just a quietly competent and somewhat uninteresting secretary, but that makes him a very good person to know. We're pretty sure he doesn't sleep…

Radiance Moonfall

Radiance Moonfall is an S-ranker, one of the more active ones. She's totally a human guys, pinky promise, 100% normal human I swear. She's vibrant and excitable, and not terribly wise. She claims she hails from another plane, and always works with Durzog, who came with her from there. She's an armored swordswoman of some sort, and has a minor telekinetic talent.


Durzog is an S-Ranker, and Radiance's partner (no one's quite sure how many interpretations of that word are true). He's an orc, he's always grumpy, and he's kind of racist. He doesn't like anybody, except Turven, with whom he shares a wordless respect, and Radiance, though he will never admit it. He's a light mage, and a dedicated monster hunter.

Lie Decroix

Lie is an S-Ranker, and is universally regarded as the strongest member of the FGC. She's a scholar, an unarmed specialist, and always drunk. She's Merrish, and isn't seen around the FGC much.

Charles Marcchio

An S-Ranker, whose telekinetic prowess is unmatched. He is a mute, and only communicates through sign language and writing. According to some rumors, he used to be a circus performer, until he traded his voice with some entity that granted him his powers.


Nibbles is a B-Ranker, a drow light mage, and an infamous wild mage.

Terrisea FGC Staff


Lao is the master of the Menande branch of the FGC. He's an old kitsune samurai, and is, quite frankly, in over his head. He's doing his best leave him alone!


Evan is the receptionist for the guild in Menande. She's a gold dragonborn bard, who is so friendly that it makes you uncomfortable. You get the sense that she knows this, and enjoys it.

The Shadow

Formerly employed by the Lady of Whispers, this very literally shadowy figure watches the guild and also serves as a greeter when Marcus isn't available. He can detach his shadow and effectively be in two places at once, though his shadow can't speak.

The Spider

This guy? Oh man this guy. You know Patches the Spider? From Bloodborne? That's what this guy looks like. A giant spider with a pale human face. He worked for the Lady of Whispers along with the Shadow, and he's in charge of the traps that the guildhouse still has. Yeah all that nonsense y'all had to deal with clearing out this place? Still there.

The Kami

We don't know his name, but there is a Fukijin kami residing in the greenhouse. His ward is an extinct Rhoegn tree growing there, but he's claimed the entire greenhouse, which is causing Nay'ri a lot of grief.



Thrummund is the secretary at the Palace of Penitance. He's a dwarf.

Commander Laindra

Laindra is the commander of the guard force of Malyesta. She's a Lizardfolk.


Ciardo is the owner and proprietor of the Scoundrel's Spear, the closest tavern to the FGC. He's an orc, a cheerful soul, and dang he makes a mean bowl of kethna stew.


Yvette is an orcish scholar, and seems to know Lie? Idk this is Logan's problem


Turven's Apprentice, the dragon kid that likes to antagonize Nahmeen.


Princess Bianca

Bianca is the sickly elven princess of Rhoegr. She's about 62 years old, about ~14-15 in human equivalent, and she's never left the palace in Maltyelma until just recently. She's well liked by both the nobility and the common folk, though for different reasons.


Treyas Dunmer is Princess Bianca's bodyguard. She's a fairly standard looking tiefling, tall, soft spoken, and polite.


V'rik, or Varick, or Verrick, he seems to spell it a couple different ways. V'rik is a Blood Knight, one of the Queen's personal assassins? Private eyes? The Queen tells them to check something out, and if they decide its a problem, they kill it dead. Well they do whatever the Queen wants them to but its mostly that. He's a handsome half-tabaxi with an easy smile and a generally friendly and relaxed demeanor. According to his sister V, he's always like that. Always.


V is V'rik's sister, and seemingly the superior Blood Knight. She doesn't talk. Like, ever.


Empress Nailo Tesuka

Two months into the campaign, Nailo and her daughter Anathe murdered the previous rulers of Terrisea and installed themselves as the new royalty. See the Articles section. A few PCs met her in Malyesta, but she was disguised, and betrayed absolutely nothing about herself. She's an elf, and a powerful sorceress. She looks Terrisean, but Anathe claims they're from another world.

Crown Princess Anathe Tesuka

This young silver haired elven girl is Empress Nailo Tesuka's daughter. According to reports, she's a powerful martial combatant, and favors turning into a dragon. Also she might have eaten a dude??? She hired a few guild members to help her quell a rebellion in the Roetwald, the northern part of mainland Terrisea. She's about 62 years old, about ~14-15 in human equivalent, making her nearly the same age as Rhoegr's Princess Bianca.

Huskrl Ohketon

A really ugly looking crocodilian skinwalker, a heavily armored knight, and seemingly a bodyguard to the Tesuka's. Nothing more is known about him.


Tybalt is a gold dragonborn, seemingly a scholar of some sort. He provided a key bit of information to the party regarding their current task, but who knows what his relation is to the Tesuka's!


Hala al-In, the Lion of the Remlith

Hala is an Exile, one of the huge horned humanoids that roam the Remlith. She's a pro wrestler, using the stage name Lion of the Remlith, reportedly a heel, but supposedly very sweet when she isn't cranky about a bunch of adventurers trying to reclaim a sword she won fair and square.

Ignatia "Iggy" Marchesi

Iggy is a human Greenstaff, someone who travels between cities and carries news and mail to those who can't afford magical communication. She's Merrish, but you couldn't tell but for the accent. She's very sweet. And French. The FGC paid some of its members to help her out, as part of maintaining the friendship between the two organizations.

Professor Emaran Priyanka

Prof. Priyanka of the College of Tempest is an owl suqur, and an archaeologist specializing in the Remlith. He's Valish, a little pompous, a little bit of an asshole, and more than a little bit useless in a fight. He hired the FGC to help him excavate and explore a newly discovered ruin, and may call upon them in the future.


This guy just kinda showed up and asked the party to hand over a super important seeming rose that was meant for Princess Bianca. But not so fast! Franklin was too quick for him! He was tricked into thinking they destroyed it! Which satisfied him. Man he's weird whats his deal.

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