Frontier Guardian Core

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Guild Information

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Guild Tiers

C Rank

C Rank is strictly local and fairly small scale. Helping the police, repo work, basically baby stuff. Sometimes forced to be accompanied by one of the higher ups to supervise. Level range is 1 – 3. Examples include:

  • Help raid the storehouse of a local gang
  • Be a bodyguard for some mildly important person for a bit
  • Mostly bodyguard work
  • Lost and found
  • Help stakeout a place for a bit

B Rank

Still local but you’re trusted enough to not need a supervisor. In addition, you’ll be fighting against some non-local threats too but still fairly centralized. With special permission, you can be allowed to do some exploration missions as the Remlith is relatively hostile and unexplored and there are always researchers who want to know more about it.
With Permission, it’s possible to get your adventurer’s visa at this level range but you need high recommendations. Even without it, you can be permitted to cross the border to handle missions with Tirrisea if you are recommended for it. Level range is 3 – 5. Examples include:

  • Remlith exploration
  • Border patrol/extermination
  • Remlith ruin exploration
  • International small monster hunts (Only in Tirrisea)

A Rank

A rankers all have their Adventurer’s Visa’s and are usually out for days or weeks at a time handling missions on an international scale. About 50 or so members of the guild are A rankers (roughly 5% of the guild in total).
Most missions are fairly straightforward but the fact that they are no longer strictly local or close by matters. These members are trusted to represent the guild and Rhoegr when they go on their missions.
Some B rankers may take A rank missions but have to be supervised or can only take missions that do not permit them to interact with the client or locals. Level Range is 5 - 7. Examples include:

  • Large monster hunts
  • Ruin explorations on a global level
  • International gang busters etc
  • International and grander scale versions of previous jobs
  • Access to Charante and Tirrisea Wildlands

S Rank

S Rankers are the cream of the crop of the guild. They have proven themselves to be capable, dependable and the highlights of the guild. They are powerful enough to take missions by themselves that would take multiple A rankers. Most of them are also involved in international politics and have achieved some feat of renown or glory. Excluding the guild master, there are 8 members that are considered to be S rank members. Level Range is 8+

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