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Creation Myths

What follows is a version of the most popular creation story.

In the beginning was nothing. From the nothing was born Time, the First of the Gods. As Time explored the void, its presence caused it to change, and produced the Second Gods. They were Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and together they shaped the World. Time flowed through the World, and the World began to change. From Time and the World was born Life. Time touched Life as well, and thus was born Death. The twins of Life and Death became the Third Gods, and they too changed the World. But there was no purpose, no reason to the change. The Void was gone, but it was merely replaced by Chaos.

And so the Seven Gods convened. This was not Right, they agreed. They bickered and argued for a Millenia of Millenia, when Death proposed a solution.

The Second and Third Gods sacrificed their forms, and with some of their power, Time created Will, keeping the rest for himself. Time then gave Will to what remained of the other gods. From the Second Gods came the Elementals, and the Elementals created the Planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water from their bodies. From Life came nothing, until Time added pieces of the other Gods. From Life and Earth came the Dwarves, as hard and steady as the stone itself. From Water came the Merfolk, as strong and fickle as the sea itself. From Fire came the Orcs, as swift and destructive as the flame itself. From Air the Elves, as aloof and carefree as the wind itself. And from the incestuous union of Life and Death came the first of the Undead, forever cursing the World.

But it was still not Right. Time had kept some of the other Gods’ power, instead of using it all as had been agreed. When Mortals died, their Will was lost and scattered, and Time had to gather it again. So Time used more of the Gods’ power, and took the remains of Death to make the Beyond, a place for the Will of Mortals to go when they died. With their Will intact, souls could return to the World, creating the Cycle.

But still it was not Right. Time had kept power still. The Mortals had Will, but they could not apply their Will to shape the World. They could move only themselves. So Time spent the rest of the Gods’ power and created Magic, and created the Dragons to watch over it.

Then, ashamed of his greed, Time gave his own power to the Saints, the greatest and wisest of the Mortals. With his power, the Saints would never die, but they could never walk the world of Mortals again. And Time gave up his own Will, contenting himself merely to move the World along. Finally, it was Right.


There are no gods, at least as they are usually presented in a fantasy setting. There are, instead, Saints. Saints were once mortals, but ascended upon their deaths. Saints are immortal, but wield no additional power. They are also unable to re-enter the Material Plane. Saints can be killed with sufficient power.

Otherwise, the Saints are an enigmatic bunch. Even Ramatna, who espouses that knowledge is to be shared, refuses to provide any details on how Sainthood works.

There are still the sort of vague, nebulous deific ideas floating about, like the idea of Lady Luck.

Some folk, particularly in Terrisea, follow a sort of Animist faith, worshiping natural spirits and so forth. These natural spirits are known as Kami (the good ones) and Oni (the bad ones).


There are six planes. The Material Plane is what you’d expect. The Beyond is where souls go when they die. It contains the Heavens, the Hells, the Abyss, and many other famous locales. It is possible to actually, physically walk between Heaven and Hell. Then there are planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.

Not exactly another plane, but parallel to the Material Plane is the Spirit World. It is primarily home to Kami and Oni, as well as non-manifested ghosts, and the spirits employed by Soul Weavers and Spirit Mender druids. Entities in the spirit realm are generally invulnerable and cannot harm creatures in the material realm, though some Oni are capable of harassing creatures via curses, and some Kami can provide aid in various forms. Spirit entities are generally invisible to material creatures, unless they choose to appear, though some mortals learn to sense them. Material creatures cannot travel to the spirit realm, but it's possible to project one's soul there. This is quite dangerous, as spirits can harm each other.

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