Session #1: Only a Feeling fun times

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5 ish

Level Range :

Client :

Current Players : Ryan, Ben, Ahmad, Adam, Drew

Location :

Date : 22 Jun 2018 04:00

Start Time : 8:00 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Turns out the actual party layout was Ben(as Njonjia), Adam(as Thom), Colin(as Frank), Drew(as Torikku), and me, Jackson(as Okwari) (I showed up fashionably late while the rest of the party was getting churros).

Any who, as outlined in the job, we met up with the guardsmen at the barracks, and they told us to inquire the local merchants for any details that would help. We talked to a few of them, none of which were of great help, except of course the churros salesman. We did gather that more and more birds were showing up around sundown, some not even native to the reigon. After Thom attempted to further "investigate" one of the witnesses, a paranoid tengu, we were dead in the water with no further leads.

Until a little kid poked its head out of an alleyway.

Thom attempted to apprehend the kid, but it was pretty fast. After a brief chase, Torikku teleported Frank in front of it, and he snatched the kid right up. When that happened, it almost became Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. All their eyes were on us, it seemed. We interrogated the kid, who only communicated through hand signs and writing, and discovered that it was looking for its master: Tali. He was in some kind of trouble, and the kid wanted our help. So, it led us to the slums of the city, and into a secret lab under one of the houses. We didn't find Tali, but we did find an orc lady named Yvette who also knew the kid. Yvette told us that since we discovered the lab, that we might as well help her with a "small" task. A friend of hers had been suffering from…some sort of magical ailment.

The kind that makes your tears come out in thick, green, sludgy, goopy pools.

The kind that makes water elementals rise from said pools.

The kind that causes spontaneous storms complete with lightning bolts to appear.

Y'know…that kind.

We needed to get a sample of her blood into a syringe, so Yvette could analyze it and make a cure. We agreed, even though the odds seemed against us (more on that later). Yvette opened the heavy steel door, revealing 3 water elementals, and one crying/laughing lady. This prompted Njonjia to take hold of the syringe and some of her knives via telekinesis. Torikku teleported Frank to one of the elementals so he could eviscerate it. Thom threw some juggling rings at another elemental. Finally, Okwari rushed in, past the elementals, grabbed the syringe out of the air, and stabbed it into the lady.

Then the goopy tears hit the fan.

A much larger elemental was summoned to replace its smaller bretheren, the water level in the room began to rise rapidly, and to make matters worse lighting was beginning to strike. Frank looked pretty worse for wear when he got hit by one. That was our cue to get the fuck outta Dodge. Thom dashed right out, and Njonjia never had to move beyond the door. Frank and Okwari were trapped behind the elemental, but thanks to Torikku's Teleportation Technique(TM), they both got out just in time. With the job done, Yvette told us that she would have more work for us in the future, but she made us promise not to disclose anything about the lab, or the jobs done here to anyone. No outsiders could be a part of the deal. Regardless, the mission was successful. We got rid of that creeping feeling around sunset in the bazaar, and we got access to a whole line of sidequests. Job well done, I say. See you next mission.

- Jackson

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