Session #10: Roetwald 3: Once More with Feeling!

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players : Logan, Jackson, Adam, Jerry, Colin

Location :

Date : 01 Aug 2018 04:00

Start Time :

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Were doin it bro
wer makin it hapin

Update: We did not in fact mak it hapen.

So first order of business was interrogating the Merrish captives, which was rather entertaining. The team learned that the tunnel goes under the Puratti Vale, into Abylos, and emerges in Merril on the other side. The cannon was meant for Arl Sibo. In the end, the three remaining grunts were allowed to run back through the tunnel, and Anathe took a brief moment alone with the cannoneer. When the party returned, the cannoneer was gone. Anathe said she took her back over the Valish border to kill her so that no one would find her body. Certain among the players are seemingly convinced that Ana eats people for some reason. Maybe she should eat that journalist…

So after that they discussed their plans. They decided to use the cannon and the few guns the Merrish had to pose as arms dealers, and use that as leverage to try and meet with the Arls. When they reached Leneruck, they saw that both sides are marshaling their forces on opposite sides of town. It seems that violence has not broken out yet, but it's close. Ana split off to try and meet up with Tyrna Eldis (she's adopting a new pseudonym of Pharis since Anne Tesco is probably not gonna be useful much longer). The party went into town, and was intercepted by some of the Arls' soldiers. They used their cover identity of arms dealers to arrange a meeting with Arl Geno at sundown at the Third Arrow. Which, incidentally, is when and where they are to meet up with Ana. Rya and Ephraim hung out there and glare at each other. Frank(lin) went to a hunting lodge to try and learn something and didn't really get anything useful.

Thom, however, went on a super secret agent spy mission to infiltrate the Arls' camp. He succeeded! Kinda. He got into the Arls' keep (both the Arls and the Tyrna have a keep, on opposite sides of town) under the guise of a Sergeant, and made his way to the war room. The guards didn't let him in, but one of them cast Detect Magic (cause it was sketchy) and noticed Thom's Shapeshift. The guard asked him to wait and inform Arl Geno inside that someone was trying to infiltrate this room. Geno let him in, called his BS, but Thom managed to negotiate a meeting at the Third Arrow at sundown (how familiar). He did, for better or worse, reveal that Princess Anathe was in town, and that the party was working for her. Thom was permitted to leave, and returned to the Third Arrow to explain what happened in the shittiest way he could. Then Ana got back. She wasn't mad, per se, but she give a very exasperated "Okay". She's gonna run back to the Tyrna to keep her updated. That's where we called it. One way or another, its done next week.

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