Session #11: Roetwald 4: Its in the Bag

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players : Logan, Colin, Jerry, Adam, Jackson

Location :

Date : 07 Aug 2018 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Spoiler: We did finish

So First off, there was a bit of negotiation on the time and location of the talks. It ended up in the Proving Grounds, an arena owned and run by the Temple of Ullr (a kinda generic saint of paladins and doing good shit). Rya and Ephraim tried to scout it out overnight, taking potshots at each other… no it was just Ephraim. They snuck past the recruit watching the gate (cause he was napping on the job), made their into the prep rooms, and ran smack into Paladin Andus, who fortunately did not stab them. Andus had the guy on watch, an enthusiastic if naive half-elven lad named Marcus, run fetch Stargazer Aicolf, the guy in charge of the whole place, and the players got everything cleared with him. He sent Marcus with them to run messages to him if they needed to.

Night came and went. Tyrna Eldis arrived in the morning to discuss their strategy. And they were off to the races! Frank tried to bribe some of the watching peasants to shout "Down with the Regicide!" at an appropriate time, but the Paladins caught him. It seems that they didn't tell anyone what he was up to. Yet… Thom snuck himself into the audience to work the crowd during the negotiations, which went very well! Ana was able to convince Sibo, who argued with Geno for a while, and they eventually agreed that Eldis could at least go to the Landsmoot and hear the Empress out, since they weren't really risking anything. Ana then invited the Arls to come as well, and they accepted. Mission accomplished! Thom then went around town in Count Calfloopius announcing the results of the negotiations, but added that the Princess had promised tax breaks and an expanded military for the Roetwald. Which is false. We'll see how that turns out.

As it happens, Ana had ordered the griffons to circle back to Baharis, then come to Leneruck. They arrived the next morning, and Ana gave the party the choice of returning to Rhoegr directly, or stopping in Menande with her to meet the Empress. They elected to meet the Empress. Nailo met them with Ana in her private chambers, and Ana told her mother "I don't think we paid these guys enough." and asked permission to dig into Nailo's stash of magic items from her adventuring days. Nailo told her yes, and while Ana was absent, she asked the party's honest opinion of her daughter. They had pretty much all good things to say, consensus being that she would make a good leader once she got some more experience.

Rya said that Anathe seemed to be shy about something, and when Nailo pressed her for details, Rya said she had figured out that Ana does, in fact, eat people. Nailo admitted this was correct, referred to it as a "power", and said that there was a purpose to it, but didn't say what it was. The Empress thanked the players for their feedback, and briefly left to help Ana. They returned a minute later with a fancy magic item for each member of the party, in addition to their agreed upon pay. Nailo also gave them a sealed letter, and asked them to deliver it to Guildmaster Nahmeen. And with that, they set off on their borrowed griffons back to Malyesta. Except Thom, Thom decided to walk. He'll be there in a couple weeks.

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