Session #16: Contented Burbling

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Client :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 02 Sep 2018 04:00

Start Time : the 14th or the 20th hour

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

So in exciting installment of Frontier Guardian Core, we screwed up. The job was simple: a Malyesta Ranger, Hakam, was possessed (probably), and has locked himself in his home. Please oh mighty adventurers deal with this demon or whatever it is. It'd be cool if the ranger survived but I'm not holding my breath. We brought Rya (Logan), Bjrakk (Drew), and a new character for Adam, Hern the Wild Magic Blaster. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Information gathering and research indicated that this guy met his fate in a ruin that was previously visited by the FGC, the first session I ran in this game in fact, the one where you retrieved stolen mail for a sweet Merrish Greenstaff. The possessor is the nasty random Blood Yaksa they found. Last time it was starving, this time, its been feeding on poor angry Hakam for weeks.

They went down to his place (after getting Chupaquesos in the Bazaar), and busted down I mean unlocked the door, and oh boy its a mess. Completely wrecked, blood everywhere, smells awful. Nobody's upstairs, there's a big heavy wardrobe covering the trapdoor downstairs. Downstairs, whole place is covered in a shallow pool of blood, Rya has a summon jump down. The guy was having a nap but he woke up with murder in his eyes. This is where things went bad.

Hern, Mr. Wild Magic, won initiative, and fired off his Mega Death Nuke. This meant a wild magic chance of a whopping 315%. This means a Major Event. I rolled an earthquake. A small, 80 ft. radius earthquake, but an earthquake. The house collapsed, and several of the nearby houses too. So that very quickly KO'd Hakam, and released the Blood Yaksa he was hosting, which itself was highly unpleasant, but it was destroyed.

Sooooooooo… Hern's kicked out of the FGC, arrested, and probably gonna be executed, cause like 5 people died in the collapsing houses. This is gonna be a mess for the guild. Also, since this Yaksa was killed before and came back, the job is not yet done. Turven recommended the two of them speak with Durzog, a cranky mohawked orc, and an S-Ranker. He's a monster hunter, general expert on monster lore.

He said that its a Daeva, an akashic spirit of pure magic. They feed on people's emotions, and while technically they can sustain themselves just being near people while in the spirit world, such things are naturally greedy. It bonded with Hakam and urged him towards violence and rage to feed it. Also, it can't actually die. It'll eventually reform. According to him, the best way to permanently deal with something like this is to have someone bond with it and act as its prison. Meaning someone needs to become a Wrath Daevic. That'll be fun for another session!

So yeah to anyone who might think I fudge my dice rolls. Evidence above.

- JustABug

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