Session #2: Exploring the Remlith

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5 ish

Level Range :

Client :

Current Players : Jackson, Logan, Colin, Jerry, Brandon

Location :

Date : 23 Jun 2018 04:00

Start Time : 7:30 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Quick preface: Colin dipped because he couldn't finish his second character in time, and Garrett (as Pumza) took his place. Other than that, it was still Logan (as Tak), Jerry (as Ephriam), Brandon (as Yuzu), and me: Jackson (as Franklin).

We all met up in the main guild hall at around 8:30, because Tak wanted to show up early for the job (a regular morning person for you right there). So, we head on over to the Scoundrel's Spear to meet our contact, one Professor Priyanka of the Tempest College. According to the barkeep, however, he's a bit of a night owl, and he won't wake up until dinner. So, at Tak's reccomendation, we spent the day in the bazaar, until around dinner time. When we returned to the Spear, we discovered that the barkeep wasn't just being metaphorical in his description of our contact. He was an actual owl, through and through. After some chit-chat regarding the rose that Franklin and co. had recovered in a previous mission, we set off for the ruins that the professor had discovered.

After about a day's travel, we were finally within eyesight of the ruins. It appeared to be elliptical, according to the professor, and it was filled with sand. Before we could get close, the local pest control caught wind of our scent. A group of "Bigass scorpions" to be specific. Tak decided to rain on their parade(in a literal sense), and also made it rain weapons(which somehow didn't kill us). Yuzu made some short swords, and made short work of the harassing scorpions. Pumza and Ephriam were acquainting their fists with scorpion faces. The professor did some Akashic stuff, and started flying. Meanwhile, Franklin unlocked his inner cartoon character, and started dropping large objects onto the scorpions (complete with onomatopoeias).

Once all the "Bigass scorpions" became "Deadass scorpions" we entered the ruins. The professor took out his Mole Mitts(TM) and began digging out the main room of the ruins. Eventually, we discovered some dead bodies, and an altar to one of the saints. Unfortunately, some unsavory spirits discovered us, and they weren't to happy about us being alive. They tried to rectify this through some serious touching. Like touching the down arrow in the wisdom drain box in our roll20 character sheets, then retreating back into the sand walls. Y'know for ghosts, they really didn't have any balls. Thankfully, we ain't afraid of no ghosts. Tak ordered us to form a ring around him, assuring us his storm would be able to protect us, as long as we protected him. He summoned his storms again, both water and weapons fell from above. Eventually, the ghosts retreated, and didn't bother us again. They were probably cranky about the whole "waking up" thing, and they wanted to take it out on us.

After the prof dug out the rest of the ruins, we discovered more altars to different saints (including one that even the prof couldn't identify), and also some Oneys(or is it onis). The strange thing, was that as soon as the onis were uncovered, they began to regenerate like trolls. Tak proceeded to slice and dice them like oni-ons, while Franklin prescribed about 100ccs of straight fire to the flesh. We made some nice caramelized oni-ons, good enough to make even Gordon Ramsey cry. And with that final act, the ruins were cleared. We gathered all the artifacts we could load on to our sand drakes, and headed home.

But before we could call it a night, we discovered something strange. There was another moon, a bit smaller and significantly more red that the other moon, but every bit as real. Outside of the guild, Turven was choking out some bloke known as Nibbles. Nibbles swore it wasn't him, but with how Logan was telling me how dumb Nibbles is, I have my doubts (out of character of course). This was the event known to a select few as YBN, whatever that means. This newsletter was posted the following day. No idea when last Vensrek was, but at least Logan and Ben got their date system working. See you next mission.

- Jackson

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