Session #20: Logan's a butt

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 29 Sep 2018 04:00

Start Time : 8 pm

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

We're off to the jungle to save Tak from soul cancer! Yay! After a lengthy journey along the Balu River that forms the border between Rhoegr and Terrisea, the party saw sketchy signs advertising GREAT SAVINGS!!! Savings of what, they could did not say. They led us to a set of huts, a remote shop run by an old but enthusiastic elf woman named Samantha? I think it was Samantha. After some dickering and exchange of Secret Documents, she reluctantly agreed to help. There was a sketchy ritual in which the non-Tak party members entered Tak's dreams to find and destroy the source of the problem. "Y'know how they say violence isn't the answer? Well in this case, violence is most definitely the answer."

The party was greeted by a sketchy Tron-lookin motherfucker who said he was Tak's father. Or maybe a small piece of his consciousness? Not clear. He'd been hiding out in Tak's head since he was a wee tyke, just in case. He gave us some Exposition. Whatever fell spirit had hold of Tak was rooted in his worst, repressed memories.

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