Session #22: Last Minute pf?

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 07 Oct 2018 04:00

Start Time : 1 PM Sunday

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

So this session had a lot of little events. I do my best.

The party was Roku, Jerry's new dwarf blacksmith Weyland, and Ben's new android not-monk "Belle". The task was to bring down a corrupt guard sergeant, Jamas Boley, in such a way that his cronies don't go hurting people. To accomplish this, we set up a drug sting. And not just any drugs. WIZARD drugs. Roku and Weyland did all the talking (and bribing) because Belle has a Charisma of 5 and no money.

While those two did the talking, Belle did some scouting, though she suffered from godawful stealth rolls. She managed to (somehow) talk her way out of trouble. She spotted a pair of guards standing over the corpse of a skaven boy, who evidently had refused to "run an errand" for them. On his body, she found a dose of Illithid, a drug that enhances Mind magic but has nasty enough backlash to be illegal. Also Mind magic. That's always questionable.

We met back up at the Blacked Quill, a Lowtown dive that seems to be something of a cultural center. The guard avoids the place and the anti-guard sentiment is very obvious. We got some useful intel from Bartholomew, the owner. His grandson Bartandalas is a newish member of the guard, and a good one. Roku went to find Bartandalas, and found that he had been coerced into beating up a little elf kid who had been caught stealing. He was pretty upset about it, and was easy to persuade to help us, along with a couple of his friends. Weyland took the drugs and went to make some fakes and secure a horse and cart to transport it. Belle scouted the meeting place, an "abandoned" house in the northern outskirts. It was clear.

Sergeant Boley wasn't at the meeting, but he did send his right-hand man, a halfling who's name we never got. Once they took the "drugs" we sprung the trap, calling out the other guards. This avoided a fight (unfortunately) as the corrupt guards didn't think they were actually going to get into real shit. That changed when they woke up in the Guild basement, instead of the jail. Though we had to call in the Spider to properly intimidate them (we can't roll for shit). Though it was coercing a witness, we did get enough dirt to probably take Boley down. Justice moves slowly though. But we got paid. Turns out when the Red Hind said she'd "pass the hat" she was being literal. The pay came in the mail a couple days later, inside an actual hat.

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