Session #26: With

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players : Logan, Jerry, Drew, Mikey

Location :

Date : 28 Oct 2018 04:00

Start Time : 2 pm or 8 pm

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Before they set out, the party was granted a gift: intel! An orc fellow calling himself Dusty, who is probably a spy or something dang he was sketchy, met with the party privately and gave them a folder with what was essentially blueprints of Mundy's keep, as well as some advice and information about the forces they might go up against.

This led to a great deal of planning and forethought, some of which was even used! Ultimately, they strolled up to the keep and told the Huskrl at the gate that they were there to arrest the Bann. The Bann invited them for dinner (cause he'll be damned if he's gonna get arrested on an empty stomach) and after some banter (some of it less than patient) the Bann reluctantly sprang his trap before being able to finish supper.

Once again, the Deafened condition was way more useful than it's supposed to be. Ioha's flashbang completely shut down Mundy the Bard, which made the oodles of crossbowmen that crawled out of the woodwork much less threatening. The battle was resolved when the Huskrl yelled "Fight me!" and Samson said "Okay" and did like 85% in one round. Kali delivered the KO and then intimidated the Bann into surrendering.

Throughout all conversation, even on the way back, the Bann maintained his innocence, insisting that he did not understand why he was accused of hiring bandits to plague his own land. Who knows, maybe he's telling the truth? That's not the Guild's problem.

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