Session #27: Antici...

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players : Ahmad, Jerry, Logan, Drew

Location :

Date : 03 Nov 2018 04:00

Start Time : 2 or 8

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Fret not fair reader, Farmer Jeff's crummy map is still uploaded to the roll20.

Our brave adventurer's set off towards where they figured the wizard probably was? Kinda questionable cause wow it really was a shitty map. A clay mine? Across a river? Also there are some "evil minions"? Yeah turned out to be some dumbass kids who were told to "harass" adventurers, which they interpreted as throwing insults. Fortunately the kiddos survived the encounter.

After making their way across a river that used to have a bridge, they entered the cave, which was littered with traps, but not monsters. The crazy wizard was chatting with them all the while via telepathy. At the end of the cave system, they found and beat up the mind mage, and found the kethna.

The kethna was concealed under a shitty illusion (of a minecraft cow) which the wizard said originated from a collar the creature was wearing. Once the kethna was lead out of its enclosure, it began to smell. REALLY good. Like delicious bacon. Which attracted all kinds of horrible monsters on the way out. But they managed it.

Making their way to Stefal Springs, they asked after Farmer Jeff, and got a lot of "eh… do you really want to talk to him? Okay…" they found his farm, and he turned out to be a gnome. Still racist! Also he tried to cheat them out of their pay, but he was easily distracted by belligerence and they just kinda grabbed the money bag and left. (Turns out there was 6,004 gp, cause he said "and four for the guy's head") During the distractions, Rain got a good look at the kethna, and took 8 Wisdom drain for her trouble. But now she knows what a kethna looks like, and why everyone on this mission was crazy.

But, they got paid for bringing in this dangerous wizard fellow. So its all good.

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