Session #28: Bad Times with Drewski

GM : Drewski

Max Player Count : Infinity

Level Range :

Current Players : Ben, Logan, Jerry, Ahmad

Location :

Date : 11 Nov 2018 05:00

Start Time : 1 pm or 8 pm

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

THE SQUAD: Njonja, Rya, Ephraim, and Rain!

So we meet our contact to get real details cuz there wasn't much in the job post. His name is Reslin, and he's a tiefling. And he's Merrish. And he is not really volunteering details that we don't ask outright. His boss is chasing after a magical artifact that was stolen “sometime” by “someone” who was executed here and thrown into a mass grave as is the practice for foreigners whose religious beliefs are not known. The trouble is, he swallowed the artifact before being executed. We met his boss who was a Merrish human and looked high born and military whose name was Francois. He gave us a ring that can sense magic to help us find it.

So after agreeing that this whole affair was sketchy af, we went grave robbing! Huzzah! Rain was an excellent distraction! Until she brought the distraction towards us and Rya had to use her summons to distract Rain. But through the power of telekinetic shovels we got the grave exhumed and found the body, and it was Hern, Adam's wild mage who made an earthquake. The orb was keeping his body from decaying and Njonja had to go telekinetically rooting through his guts to find it (yeugh) but we got it and mostly covered the grave back up before somebody showed up and we scattered.

Njonja took the orb and with some help from Turven and Taylor Tsvon Tailorson (who we decided was a Diviner. He sees the future and see how people will react to the outfit he makes, so he always makes the best outfit!) she got it mostly identified, it is a magical focus that gives power at the cost of chaos. It's how Hern did his stuff, and it's what caused the earthquake. So we argue what to do with it (and discuss Fine Literature), and we go to the meeting place. Njonja runs ahead and scouts it out. It's an abandoned warehouse in the edge of town. There's Reslin and Francois, plus six goons. Njonja has the orb. We send in Ephraim and Rain to try and figure out if this guy can be trusted with this sorta thing. Rya is outside, Njonja is outside and hiding, watching what's inside via kinetic sense. Before Francois starts speaking, Njonja used Steal Skill for the first time and stole all of his ranks in Bluff.

So it was pretty obvious once he started speaking that he was a lying liar and had nefarious ends. Njonja stealthily disarmed most of the goons during the talks, but it did escalate to violence. Fight went pretty well aside from the orb messing with Njonja's spells. We turned the miscreants over to the guard and later we got paid for securing a dangerous magical artifact, (and Njonja got to keep the magic sensing ring he gave us, cause no one asked about it.)

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