Session #3: Logan's Session of Sessions

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range :

Client :

Current Players : Ben, Jackson, Ryan, Jerry

Location :

Date : 30 Jun 2018 04:00

Start Time : 2:00 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Preface: Ryan did not join us this session(he had family stuff), so it was Ben(as Kiyohi), Jerry(as Ephriam), and me, Jackson(as Okwari).

Well, we all decided to head on over to the Scoundrel's Spear(becoming a regular for scoundrel-like people), to meet the contact. Fella by the name of Basri the IV(that's Basri the 4th, not Basri the Intravenous). Basri's an enthusiastic type, a real car salesman, sports announcer feel to him. He was thrilled to see that his job had been accepted, Okwari in particular. He then told us about his new business venture: a fighting pit where adventurers, or peasants, would be pitted against powerful monsters. Problem is, he had no monsters and plenty of peasants(maybe he did, he just seemed like the type). So, he asked us to recover some creatures from the desert to use as potential challenges. Since so many nasty critters have been showing up since Moon 2 came out, it should be easy enough. He gave us a list of choices of monsters to hunt, a sort of hunt quest list, if you will. Scorpions, drakes, even a behir were a part of the list, but no ankhegs were allowed to be turned in.

Instead of choosing a monster and setting off immediately, the gang decided to research the potential foes using the FGC's resources (Ephriam suggested, Kiyohi agreed, and Okwari reneged). We decided on to hunt tougher than the drakes, yet not as crushing as a behir: manticore. Lion with wings and a scorpion tail. Seems simple enough. Okwari even received some insider tips from Turven about manticores. Afterwards, Okwari and Ephriam went potion shopping. Okwari had some connections to get them potions at a 10% discount, some very shady connection who may not want their name to be revealed(it's [REDACTED]). Damn. Well, I tried. Anyways, with their shopping done, the gang headed out into that lovely heat bath of a desert we all call home.

After a few hours of trekking northwest of the city, we spotted something on the horizon(btw did you know that the horizon can be as far as 2.9 miles on a clear day? Neat, huh?). It was swoopin around in the air, but we couldn't tell what it was, and it seemed to be heading more north and more east. So, we decided to head more north and more east than the thing, and eventually we passed the thing by quite a bit. Then, we happened upon a strange sight. Two twins fighting a manticore and defending a downed dragonborne. You don't see that every day. So, since both obtaining a manticore, AND defending hot ladies(they were more temperature hot this time) both align with adventuring goals, we decided to help. After downing the manticore (Okwari was NOT in the zone today), we found out that the ladies were not speaking the same language as us. As Logan put it: "It's like bad martial arts film dubbing". They could also use Air blasts, which meant non-lethal damage, helpful since we weren't supposed to kill the manticore.

After some idle chit-chat, the flying thing finally caught up to us. And guess what? It was also a manticore! With a drake for a face…? Another thing you don't see everyday. After we managed to lower its health enough, Okwari managed to German Suplex a manticore, a spectacular feat as though it was Heracles himself doing the deed. After the hypest thing to happen all session, we signaled Basri's goons using the magic GPS stone. They took care of containing both the manticore and the mantidrake (yeah that's it's name apparently). Basri was pleased by this, and payed us 20,500 gold each. EACH. With enough financial security to retire at 30, Okwari and Kiyohi retired to the guild hall. Whil Ephriam talked with the nice ladies(possible lady with a mirror image?) and the dragonborne. Apparently, they're from Veras, somehow they got stuck here "too early".

And so the Pink Fox Cinematic Universe furthers itself. Just you guys wait, I'll be running the campaign that will be the "Infinity War" to this universe. Not to spoil anything, but the Thanos-type character will be Geoff the racist. Anyways, see you next mission.

- Jackson

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