Session #30: Back at it again at the FGC

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 02 Dec 2018 05:00

Start Time : 2 pm AKA the 14th hour

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

So the list of people who signed up had very little to do with the list of people who showed up. Jerry, Mikey, and Ahmad dropped, and Logan and Drew just showed up. Adam was the only reliable person here. He brought Silloun the creepy elf of many impractical magics, making his Terrisea debut. Drew brought Roku and Logan brought Derek. Interviewing Gyles the gravekeeper, they learned the bodies have been going missing for close to a year now, but there hasn't been one in a couple weeks. The office keeps pretty good records, and they got locations on the graves that had been pillaged. They met the groundskeeper, an affable but none too brilliant dark skinned elf named Mulu Manda, who was not helpful in the slightest. They met a pair of guards assigned there, who were unhelpful and slightly rude. They met with Sergeant Elior Ombaux, a Merrish Eiremian in charge of the graveyard patrol. From her, they learned that the graveyard shift is considered a relatively easy posting for Lowtown and is thus used as a reward for guards who please their (corrupt) higher ups. She said it was almost a certainty her underlings were being paid to look the other way (though a Sense Motive indicated she was hiding something). She gave them a writ to interrogate her subordinates but advised them not to show it if they didn't have to. Walking back to the graveyard Derek noticed a snowstorm brewing. They devised a plot to use hot cocoa as bait to lure a guard onto a rug hiding one of Silloun's ritual circles so he could cast a truth spell on them. They got the same pair as before, a male black dragonborn named Amazel, who was grumpy and didn't want hot cocoa. But the cocoa trap worked perfectly against Wyn the half elf. Between largely intimidating her and outright bribing Amazel later, they found out that yes, someone was paying them to look the other way and that sergeant Elior knew about this and at least permitted it. Amazel gave the impression that he wouldn't have expected this from Elior but there it is. They also learned where the dead drop for the hush money was located: in the roots of a cherry tree near the garden shed in the graveyard. At this point they went back to Elior and I honest to God don't remember what they talked about, but Elior remarked that if she were a grave robber, she'd see this snowstorm as good cover. And as it happened, she was right. After Silloun talked to a tree, they managed to catch the fiend red handed! And it was! Mulu, the groundskeeper! He tried to resist, and actually had some pretty potent magic, but he was trying to get away, not actually fight, and the party knocked him out and snuck him back to the guildhall cells. There, Mulu explained that he was a Chingwe, then immediately afterwards had to insist that no he did not eat the bodies he used death magic to talk to them. He was looking for someone, a Chingwe they had lost track of about a year ago. This prankster had somehow gotten on Bann Seamus's shit list and as far as they knew, he'd had her and her friends killed by staging a bar fight. Now if you're scratching your head and going hey wait a minute, you're right. Turns out he's looking for Njonja, who is alive and kicking over at the Rhoegn branch. Mulu was trying to find her body and return it to Muwamaka. Silloun told Mulu where she was (cause he's the only one who's met her), and Mulu was relieved to hear it. He was perfectly fine being chained up like this if it meant she was alive. Mulu also asked them to tell the gravekeeper (their employer) to pay them out of his stash (“he knows where it is, though he doesn't know how much is in there), because he never wanted to make trouble for Gyles. After delivering the mission report to Lao, the guildmaster congratulated them on a job well done, and theorized that what would probably happen is that someone would be paid an exorbitant amount of money and Mulu would go back home to Muwamaka and the whole affair would be hushed up.

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