Session #31: Another Corpse for the Pile (named Adam)

GM : Adam

Max Player Count : 4

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 08 Dec 2018 05:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Doing stuff for Thom, who has received funding from the Princess Bianca to open a theater in Malyesta. But y'know it's arts funding so instead of doing things honestly he's hiring low level FGC members to steal what is needed. Including the location. But today we were after a… prop? He wanted the Collar of Wanderers, said to have belonged to the Saint of Travel themselves. Currently held by the el-Malvomen (based out of Malvomen, funny enough) family, who are basically mobsters that own a plurality of mining operations around the Ash Wastes. The guy who has it is low on the totem pole but still part of the family, so heckin rich. Dude had a lawn. In Rhoegr. Damn. So the squad was Ud'ma, Ysildad, Weyland, and Navam showed up with a new character whose name may not be permanent. Ud'ma and Ysildad got along quite well, and they did most of the work this round (cause Weyland is not a subtle type) though Logan was, naturally, oblivious to Ud'ma's flirtations. That, or she chose not to react. It occurs to me I assumed Ysildad was bi but I've only seen her flirt with women. Oops. Anyway, Ud’ma pretended to be a proselytizer and a sketchy home insurance salesman, while Ysuildad went invis and pretended to be a ghost. So we convinced a couple servants that their apartments were haunted and that they needed an exorcist, stole their identities, tried to steal the thing smoothly, during the guy’s daughter’s wedding. Ud’ma and Ysildad went in while Weyland and Navam hid outside ready to make a distraction if needed. So the MacGuffin was on display in the middle of this guy’s… man rich people have names for rooms that normal people don’t need. There was Art, and Paintings, which I believe are also Art… display room? Man idk. But yeah Ysildad was serving breadsticks and “tripped” and bumped into the pedestal trying to knock it off, but when it fell off, it poofed away. Ysildad maintained cover but got stuck in the kitchen for her trouble. She and Ud’ma discussed the next move, and decided this wasn’t a going proposition. Ysildad invis’d out, Ud’ma pretended to go searching for her around the grounds, but Ysildad got curious and started exploring, and then Adam started rolling 20s. Ysildad got spotted, broke their ankles (figuratively), then saw the head of security carrying the MacGuffin back to the display room. And Ysildad got cheeky. She got spotted again and then kept going. She swiped the MacGuffin, and then promptly got surrounded by mobsters. With switchblades. The security chief sounded the alarm, and the extraction team made their distraction. Turns out, the distraction was a bomb. So now the wedding is thoroughly crashed, and Ud’ma has no clue what’s going on. Back to Ysildad, she only got stabbed once (thanks to going to church and the power of Decoy) but yikes it hurt. Then she jumped through a window, ran across the roof, and tried to jump over the fence from the rooftop, but caught her foot on the iron spikes and face planted for all but one of her hit points BUT she escaped with the MacGuffin. Ud’ma kept his cover, played scared, and got out just fine. The other two weren’t really in so they got out. And we got the hell out of dodge. And we uh… didn’t tell Thom how we got the MacGuffin. It’s fine he doesn’t need to know.

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