Session #33: A Trek!

GM : Logan

Max Player Count :

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 22 Dec 2018 05:00

Start Time : 8 pm

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Same squad as last week, but Mikey and Adam were absent, and Jacques was there but using ye olde Irish internet, Thom, Jacques, and Histan weren’t really participating. Sooooo… we'd just made it over the border, and then we were greeted by one of Marquise Fabian LeBlanc's (we couldn't find his name from when the FGC got his sword back so Logan have him a new one) butlers! He wants to talk to us! Cause the FGC helped him. The butler showed us a bit of Beauny on the way to his manse, and it's quite a nice city! And the butler tried very hard to convince us that people here weren't that racist. He's probably right compared to Lieuxerre but we only saw humans and one elf pretending (thinking emoji). Then we got there and met a different butler, the Head Butler, who showed us around a bit and baited us by mentioning an underground laboratory and then saying it was closed. So we've got six rooms and there's eight of us. Two rooms have to double. Njonja offered to buddy up with Rain cause they're friends aaaand we inflicted Laeris on Jacques while Mikey can’t defend his character. We’re such assholes. Somehow we've extended the blaming Drew thing to in the game, Rain and Njonja decided that if we accidentally (or “accidentally”) set the room on fire, we're gonna say it was her cause “she's too mysterious to give a direct answer that she didn't do it”. Anyway, the Marquise invited us to lunch with him, and I sprang my trap! And after that, the Marquise's alchemist (who has a really icky portrait where there's like, the left side of her face and neck is empty honeycombs with bees coming out) burst in to report that oh no how can this be my highly irresponsible insect based experiments have escaped! There's mind spiders loose in the laboratory! And there's servants down there being mind controlled! Sooooo we'll go take care of that next week!

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