Session #34: Adam 2: Electric boogaloo

GM : Adam

Max Player Count : 4

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 29 Dec 2018 05:00

Start Time : 2:00 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Working for Thom (or his assistant) again, our goal was simple. They need a venue, and stealing it is cheaper than building or buying it. The el-Malvomen family, mobsters featured in Adam's last game, recently set up a new “distribution center” in Malyesta, if ya catch my drift. Located in an exhausted quarry, the tiered structure is quite workable for a theater. So the idea is, run them out, and Thom Charisma gets the constabulary to hand over the building in thanks (cause while they know shady shit is going down, they can't prove anything). But that's his problem, not ours. We just gotta get the mobsters outta there. No questions asked.

So seeing as our party was very uh… melee… violence was out of the question, because it was in the answer. Ud'ma disguised himself as an unnamed member of the el-Malvomen family and leveraged his three muscly pals to at least get into the quarry itself before it fell apart. But it was very fun threatening to break people's fingers before we had to start breaking necks. Great violence was had, and it started to get dicey but the enemy commander offered a deal, that we didn't take, but we let him know that we were simply interested in the venue and if they left it, even if they took all their product, that would be fine with us. They took the deal. And thus, we were paid! And we didn’t have to clean up any bodies either!

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