Session #35: A Trek!?

GM : Logan

Max Player Count :

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 29 Dec 2018 05:00

Start Time : 8 pm

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Okay sooooo… we squashed a lot of giant bugs that exploded. That was most of it t, but at the end of the bug squishing and exploding there was the Marquise's kitsune bodyguard, attacking us! Actually there were two of her, one of which was a “copybug” we were warned about. We smacked em silly and they surrendered, and then everybody came out and explained what was going on. It was a test, we passed (eyeroll) they want our help doing the thing we were probably already doing. There's lots of spirit bound people running around Merril causing trouble, all escaped from a mysterious lab. Tali, obviously, and icky bug lady. They didn't say this cause they don't know but we the players (some of us anyway) know enough to piece it together, but Yvette is the one who broke these guys out, by blowing up the lab! But now there's all kinds of troublemakers, and somehow related to this, there's a big ol demon bug colony (no really) that's slowly taking over Lieuxerre. The Chevalier orders are “reluctant to take care of it” and Marquise LeBlanc isn't accepting it. They suspect Eugene Deviller but they don't know it's him like we do. Then, by way of apology, he gave us a Divine longsword blessed by the Merr when he was still mortal. Thom is definitely gonna use it as a prop XD. Oh and he pointed us toward an elf seer on the far edge of l'Savane. Who can help us maybe.

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