Session #37: A Trek!? For real this time

GM : Logan

Max Player Count :

Level Range :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 13 Jan 2019 05:00

Start Time : 2 probably

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Session Summary :

So icky bug lady gave us the copybug, and after some argument, we decided to give him to the person most experienced in mischief: Njonja. His name is Sam and he is adorable! Then we boogied and headed out to Fortemps, the border city to l'Savane. Logan mapped out that area some, there's seven cities in the savanna, arranged like a wheel, with fortified roads running between them, cause the wild lands have dirty non humans and ALSO CHIMERAS!!!! Yeah guard Chimeras are all the rage in Merril! And they usually use a lion as the base and l'Savane is where all the Lions are and sometimes people mess up and oops wild Chimera! So yeah Fortemps. There was another border checkpoint! A serious one. With badges! That say whether you're human or not OmO Rain had a legit human badge and covered her wings and didn't get any questions, Laeris probably Charmed his way through, Ephraim just went through and got a badge no problem, but uh they had mages to make sure there were no undocumented non humans and Njonja didn't really wanna risk that. But Drew came up with a plan! Torikku mysteriously turned into a fox, and Thom assumed the persona of Shin-To, the Pai-Sho master! “Shin-To” put on a blindfold and smuggled Torikku across as his “seeing eye fox”. Then Torikku teleported them both back across the river, Thom disguised himself as Njonja but human, and got a legit human badge for her while Torikku teleported her across. That set off some kinda alarm tho and we had to hide from the Fuzz! And then when we rejoined the group we had to talk our way out of trouble with some Chevalier sent to investigate. And then we split up! Torikku is still good cause she got an “animal badge” but she has to stay in fox form. Njonja went clothes shopping, Ephraim went to the library, the nerd. Rain meandered about looking for the Finest Inn in Town, and found “The Finest in Inn Town”. And she met Tak's dad, of all people, whom she met in Tak’s head but doesn’t remember, cause she’s Rain. He called Laeris “Star Caller” and Laeris called him Alpha. Eventually we all met up there. Tak’s dad is calling himself Thaddeus, though it's obviously not his real name. Thaddeus asked after Tak and asked if we could help him find his bodyguard. Something about the bodyguard was supposed to be in Fortemps eight months ago and now he's missing and the last lead he had, the guy was helping a wanted criminal (vigilante? Folk heroine?) who's gonna be executed in the hub city in two weeks. We agreed to bust her out and ask her help in exchange for embarrassing stories about Tak . Cause that’s way more valuable than dumb old money.

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