Session #52: A Healthy Disrespect for Authority

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range : 4-6

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 13 Apr 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

I am writing to inform the guild of an opportunity. You are not being hired per se, but I would like to give our new Empress's Ronin a chance to prove their usefulness.

While I'll not include too much detail here, suffice it to say, my daughter has run off again. She has done this before, but she has never been gone this long. My steward can give you more details.

I've posted a 10,000 gp bounty for her safe return. I'm not waiting around for you, by the way. I want her found.

I remain,
Tyrna Maiko Chizue of Kyota

Pay: 10,000

Session Summary :

The Squad: Auryn, Quintin, Barry, and Ty, AKA the surviving Princess Punchers, along with Yajima (Logan's cowboy samurai kitsune, who is now using Fallen Fey) and Roku.

The Mission: the Tyrna of Kyota, one Chizue no Maiko, a one armed war veteran, is looking for her daughter, who has run off. Again. But this time it's been like a week and she's worried. Maybe these FGC fellas can do it. So they got a briefing from the steward, an old beardy Undine fellow named Atelis. He thinks Lady Kiko has a squeeze, and ran away. Also, she's done the drugs. A conjured image, a few leads, and we're off! I set a timer and told them there was a timer, but not what for or how long. Partly it was to make sure this segment didn't take too long.

Taverns visited include: the Chalice (by the palace, has the brew that is true), was investigated by Roku, didn't turn up many leads. The Red Ladies (Merrish themed, middle class in the tide zone), checked by Ty and Barry, had an ornery bounty hunter who'd found Kiko before but said naw she ain't in her usual haunts. The Uneven Keel, sailors place by the docks, checked by Auryn and Quintin. They (Auryn) had much success. She learned about Kiko's new mermaid girlfriend Tisha (who reportedly has some sick ink) and their plan to catch a boat in Shiriyama and join the Seafolk. The Tailfin is a brothel, in the Reefs district, which is underwater. They peddle a unique experience! ("I don't need luck, I've cornered the market") Yajima checked that, also heard about Tisha but not much else. They reconvened, and said let's take a ferry to Shiriyama, just a couple miles down the coast.

They approached the ferry aaaand the timer ran out. They noticed the water receding, and then the captain they were talking to just cheesed it cause he knew what it meant! Tsunami! Yeah that happened. Many teleports and very fast running and also a horse later, they were hit. Auryn and Ryoko (Roku's horse) were immediately KO'd, but some desperate struggles kept them alive. Once things stabilized a bit, Yajima (thankfully) had the presence of mind to pack Revitalize potions, and got the injured back on their feet. They hitched a ride on some merfolk (one on each arm, dragging them through the water) (but not Ryoko) over to Shiriyama, which also got hit, and is still where they need to go. When they got there, there were some uh… opportunists. A band of sahuagin, with a couple of sharks and one Merrow (like an aquatic ogre) were pillaging the flooded and wrecked houses, and had one particular person of interest cornered and surrounded on a capsized ship. Lady Kiko stood defiant over the unconscious body of Tisha.

The party rushed in to help! Already beat up from the wave, they had a hard fight, but Lady Kiko was actually quite helpful with her iaijutsu light magic stuff. Also, Ty almost. I mean very very close. Almost got kidnapped by the merrow as it retreated. I genuinely thought I was gonna have blood on my hands, but actually Kiko saved him with Bound Light, the thing that entangles. The merrow, now slowed, decided not to spend its actions maintaining the grapple, and got away. Phew! They got everyone safely ashore, and didn't have to do much convincing to get Kiko to come back with them. In the words of Tisha, "I mean you were kinda waffling about this anyway. I think maybe a friggin tsunami is the Kamis' way of saying stay the fuck home". They kept the affair to themselves though.

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