Session #53: Hard Cover's Story Book

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range : 2-4

Client :

Current Players :

Location :

Date : 20 Apr 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Client: Lady Saeris
Description: Hello. I had submitted a request a few months ago as I sought to find specific members whose interest would align with mine. While I have begun to gain a steady following, my need for those individuals is less pressing but I have found something rather exciting. A goblin merchant by the name of Harry "Hardcover" Covrin has located a book that I had lost during my world travels. He is willing to give me the book, but he has warned me that someone has taken up residence inside of it. It does not surprise me given that the book formerly belonged to a group of wizards known for summoning and ensnaring creatures inside books and toys. This one seems to contain a boy and his brother, both Folken. I summarize that the seal containing them has weakened, and I would enlist your aid to see if they would be willing to join my bards and story tellers. If they accept than please attempt to get them out. If no, then we can reseal them. If you think them too dangerous to be set free then do what you must.

Session Summary :

The Squad: Jürgen Wulf, played by me, Ben, older human fellow using sword and gun style, also a Destructionist. From Merril, but actually from the Roetwald (it’s complicated); Merrick, the only character to have been on a mission before, not a good sign when he's the veteran; Elmis, played by Michael, elf dude, he's trying to put together some kinda creation/telekinesis bludgeon specialist. Therund Sigmarsson, played by Andrew, a human warpriest of Sigmar, a saint of uh… martial might, Justice, and smiting the shit out of the unworthy or something. I'm pretty sure he's a walking Warhammer 40k reference but I don't really interact with that franchise so. Lawful Good type, protection stuff. Colin whipped up a dude… Okay I have to explain the name. So at some point Colin asked me to make him a new character sheet. I did so and set the name to "Oi fuckface". The name he gave this character is that, backwards. His name is Ecafkcuf Io. He is a witch doctor. We made his token Witch Doctor from DotA. Colin has just accepted that all his dudes will have DotA portraits, so he made this guy with that in mind. Life specialist, affliction too cause it's really good. And last but not least, Adam, brought a cavalier dude who never showed his face or gave his name, but we have a sneaking suspicion that he’s Jarlin from Pirates. He’s got a sand drake for a mount, he’s grouchy, and he’s drunk. (wait how did he drink with his faceplate closed? (don’t ask such questions)

Anyway, having spent a whole paragraph describing the five first time characters…

The Mission: maybe rescue some dudes trapped in a book for Lady Saeris the vampire bard. Harry Hardcover, my new favorite NPC, a goblin bookseller who says things thrice! Three times! In triplicate! Brought her this book, several hundred years old, there's two brothers trapped, or maybe imprisoned inside it. Saeris thinks she can convince them to join her "legion" of storytellers, so she wants us to free them, but only if we think it's okay to free them. She doesn't know why they're in there. The book was more a children's story. Well not really, but that kinda reading level. In it, a knight is trying to rescue his brother who is locked in a tower. He must cross a desert, find a cave in this desert, make his way through an abandoned town, find the tower, fight his way through, and save his brother. Every time you read the book, he fails in a different way. And the particulars change too. Sometimes the town is haunted, sometimes there's orcs, sometimes there's a Sand Kraken in the desert, sometimes he just dies of thirst… but he never succeeds. So we go in and help him out.

Found the cave, stared down some spiders, got through to the town, there's actually people there. I should mention that Merrick has been doing most of the talking, which is not going well for us. Also it's a Merrish town, so he and Jürgen are the only ones who can even talk to people. There's an old dude who directs us to the tower but also says we should turn back. We got kinda hung up on him being suspicious. Then we got to the tower, there were guards outside who wouldn't let us in. Merrick used diplomacy! It's not very effective… came up with some line about health inspectors. The guard started counting down until he would stab Merrick, but uh… Jürgen shot him (with Energy Blade) when he reached 1. Logan kinda lost his composure at that. Let it be known: Jürgen shot first. 27 damage later, the other guard was like yeah sure go on in! This repeated several times. After skipping ahead, we made it to the throne room, met the guardian who had a name I'm sure, and got the story. The brother in the tower is a Mind mage, and an Oracle. The curse where you're a kid forever. Mentally too. Never gonna really understand morals and ethics and stuff. We were all kinda like… well you seem kinda villainous and also we want to get paid so INITIATIVE. In other news, Hunter's Parry seems pretty good, especially the part where they don’t have to be attacking YOU to be parried. Rolling well is also pretty good. Jürgen really carried that fight by stopping the guardian from doing much of anything. And also blasting his flat footed touch AC. We killed him, rescued the boy, got out of the book demiplane, got paid.

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