Session #54: TREASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GM : Logan (Unfortunately)

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range : 3-5

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Rhoegr

Date : 28 Apr 2019 04:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

Potentially a two or three shots

Session Summary :

The Squad: Marcus, Quintin, Barry Brown, Jack Tue, Silloun, and Therund.

The Mission: Sooooo way back when, Hern the wild mage caused a small earthquake and leveled half a block! Our client is an exile woman named Hafiza (or just Hafi) whose house was destroyed, and then she lost her job, so now she's blowing her savings on chasing a family legend. She has a potted lily flower, barely alive, apparently been that way since her grandpa had it. It's supposed to flourish under the "light of the desert". Detecting magic told us that it is enchanted with divination and nature, though we don't know what either one will do. Divination probably to determine when to trigger the nature. Anyway Hafi's only lead is her grandfather's old tribe, the al-Anagi, somewhere around Malserpus.

So we set off! We were only a day out from Malyesta when we were attacked by outrider types! Y'know, bows and scimitars on sand drakes! And they started kicking up a dust storm, until Silloun did his silly access every magic sphere thing and stopped it. They tried to split us up, and they did, but we beat em! Most of them got carried away unconscious on their sand drakes, but the one guy who tried to cross blades with us lived. And he was uh… a smartass! His brotherhood or whatever sounds like a bunch of outcasts who found shelter in the Remlith, and sometimes the Remlith tells them to do things! Like grab Hafi! He didn't know why he just did it.

Then we spent a while arguing what to do with him. Whether to kill him, let him go, strap him to an improvised conjuration companion and send him back to town with a note. Silloun ended up crushing his head with a rock (telekinesis). And then he started reanimating him! I dunno why! But Marcus kinda freaked out a little and got him to stop. And then he tried to be sneaky and cut off a finger to eat while burying the body, but Marcus spotted that too! He shouldn't have but he did! So he stopped that too. And then later when we were sleeping Quintin killed his sand drake so he could make it into his Corpse Puppet. The drake kinda freaked out, for some reason, really can’t imagine why it would be unhappy, and it made a loud noise! And Marcus went to check it out and Quintin lied very badly but Marcus isn't very bright so it worked! For now. Oh yeah Hafi isn't very happy about the blatant necromancy either.

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