Session #57: Why are we Sending Mercenaries to do Disaster Relief? (Arc part 1)

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range : 7-9

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 18 May 2019 04:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

The Empress has asked for the FGC's best for an urgent mission. Unfortunately, she gets whoever's available, and that's you guys, for whatever reason. You are told to quickly gather your things for an extended absence, and are escorted to Saigon's Bastion, where you are greeted by Tybalt, the Steward, and the Crown Princess Anathe Tesuka (who was punched in the not too distant past). The Princess briefs you as the Steward leads you deeper in the palace.

"There's a little rice farming village in southern Kyoto called Ikushin that would be of no importance to anyone if it wasn't exactly where it is. It sits below a dam on the Stafal River and on either side of an ancient bridge that spans the river. That dam broke late last night, and now Ikushin is flooding. To make matters worse, that part of the river forms the border between two feuding clans, the Kuromasa to the north, and the Tayami to the south, though Ikushin itself is neutral territory controlled by Tyrna Maiko. That bridge is the only crossing their soldiers can use without trespassing on a neighboring clan's lands, and they're gonna take this as an opportunity to take control of that bridge, townspeople be damned."

At this point, you enter a large circular chamber, where the Empress Nailo Tesuka is inscribing a ritual circle on the floor around a neatly stacked pile of crates, barrels, and casks.

"That's why we're sending you ahead via teleport. You need to get there first and keep those people safe until a real military force can get there, which could take weeks. Your primary objective is the people's safety, but you're also there to show that we're not going to tolerate infighting. You are authorized to use lethal force if necessary. Don't make regret saying that."

"I'm working out your payment with the Princess Bianca. She's being generous enough to cover most of the costs of this operation out of her own wealth, but we're still hammering out the details. Don't worry about it too much, she seems to have a lot of faith in your organization."

The Empress finishes her ritual circle and motions for you all to move within it. After you do so, she produces a thick tome. "Don't move outside that circle and don't disturb it. This'll take about an hour."

The Princess exhales. "Any questions?"

So here's how this is gonna work. We're gonna have most of the "dealing with the flood" stuff happen offscreen. At the end of each week, there's gonna be a couple of problems that have cropped up and need your attention, but you don't have time to address them all. Which problem you address and how you address it will affect what happens next week.

Session Summary :

The Squad: Derek (and Djofullin and his new friend Vernir the Roc), Franklin, Torriku, aaaaand… Rain. Some other characters (Silloun and Samson) are here but their respective players were absent today. Nay’ri also came and is doing her best NPC impression, because I couldn’t justify her not coming.

So, started with questions for the Princess Anathe. Rain was quickly muted (Silence spell) when she talked about destroying the bridge. Anathe asked, several times, “are you guys sure you want to take her?” Then other people asked reasonable questions and got reasonable answers. Houses Tayami and Kuromasa are pretty much “feuding because they’re feuding”. Ikushin isn’t controlled by either family, and the villagers are generally distrustful of government because they mostly just fight over their bridge.

After a little while longer, the Empress finished casting the ritual, and they were off!… target. Last thing they heard before teleporting was Nailo saying “Shit.” They were supposed to arrive in a flooded village, but instead they got a flooded cave… with a dragon. A juvenile Mist Dragon who was very cranky that a bunch of jerks just teleported into his lair. He wasn’t immediately aggressive, until… well… something like this.

Ahmad/Rain: I'm going to give him the traditional dragon greeting!

Ben/DM: Which is…?

A: Breathing on him. But like, in a friendly way.

Everyone else: no…

B: Okay roll damage. Reflex of 20 saves yes?

[It takes no damage anyway, it's immune to fire]

B: Neat. It's going to return your greeting by breathing a jet of boiling hot water at you. And Torikku, who is standing behind you. And it's initiative.

Rain was the only one fighting the dragon. She got a pretty good combo in, but it was a dragon, it needed like four or five good combos. Everyone else was trying to calm it down, get the supplies out, or stop vomiting everywhere from the teleport sickness. They eventually took the Torikku Express, but it was a rough ride. Torikku was the last one out, and it took Derek sacrificing his new Roc companion Vernir (who Torikku then Resuscitated) (thank Arceus). Everyone made it out, but not all the supplies. They got about a third of it. Some food, some clean water, a crate of medical supplies, and some oilskins (Valuable stuff, especially in this situation).

I don't think Derek has ever been genuinely angry onscreen before. I don't remember everything he said, but he told Rain to leave. We don't want your help. So she made a beeline for Ikushin, in the air, much faster than everyone else dragging (via a cart Franklin Created) the supplies over the swampy ground. Nay'ri went out to intercept her (she is just a little bit faster), and used the classic high energy child tactic: give them something to do that makes them feel useful. Nay'ri asked her to patrol the skies around the bridge and let them know if anyone approached. Rain didn't remember who Nay'ri was. Nay'ri, the woman who rescued her from the sentient magic jungle after the Chingwe themselves said she was a goner. Nay'ri with the patience of a saint, and the wisdom not to pursue this line of inquiry. I’m sure that didn’t hurt her feelings or anything.

But, it worked. So Rain’s on patrol, and the rest of them make it close to the bridge before being challenged by the lone martially-oriented survivor. She made a face at the mention of the Empress, but “we’re really not in a position to turn away help”. Franklin is being extremely useful in terms of feeding people, and apparently he can make clothes too! Handy fellow, that one. Derek, Torriku and Nay’ri are on doctor duties, which is very needed. Rain is doing what she can to train a defense force.

Anyway, I’m sure nothing will go wrong from here!

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