Session #58: Oh, That's Why (Arc part 2)

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range : 7-9

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 25 May 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

After a few days of stabilizing the flooded village of Ikushin, absolutely nothing has gone wrong! Promise!

Session Summary :

Okay I lied two things have gone wrong. First, there’s a kid missing. Tiko’s an energetic 14 year old human lad who’s good with a hunting bow and has been taking this whole flood thing pretty well and has been very helpful in keeping people’s spirits up. And he never came back from fishing yesterday. Second, they get a message on their Sending Stone from Princess Anathe: “Kuromasa has mobilized. 300 troops, estimate 3 days to the flood zone. The Bann is with them. Expect griffon scouts today.” Two problems, as promised.

So after I expressly told them to pick one or the other, they split the party. Really badly. In addition to the characters from last time, we had Mikey on Ioha and Jerry on Samson (who gave Nay'ri a big hug because that's how you treat people who saved your life). Rain was haring off constantly, for starters. She did do something but we'll get to that. Derek, Torikku, Ioha, and Samson went off to find Tiko, the missing kid. Ioha has a dowsing rod that can just point him towards something he's seen, and they've all seen Tiko so that part was easy. Problem: those four went off following the rod, leaving Rain and Franklin in town. They didn't ditch them, it's just Franklin was staying to feed people and Rain had her own ideas on finding the kid, being the old concentric circles search pattern. She never got the message about the dowsing rod. Samson, on the other hand, they ditched. Ioha (who is Small) and Torikku (who is a stick of a woman) were riding Vernir the Roc, while Logan pulled some bullshit and flew along with them. Samson had uh… a 30 ft. land speed. It was a few hours flight, and like a day by foot. Samson kept going after them, and uh… he basically didn't play because of it. I don't know whose fault that was, but I'm pretty peeved about it.

They got to the witchwood, Derek saw the fleeting shadow of the Nogitsune, and I cut to Rain. Rain saw three griffons approaching from the south, and had a chat with the lead scout, lieutenant umm… Shirazo, or something. Brass dragonborn fellow. It was a typical Rain conversation, where she doesn't really know what's going on, and doesn't know she doesn't know. She revealed… they were working for the Empress, and that's about all concrete, she was being too obtuse to answer anything else in a useful manner. Franklin got there eventually, made a pretty damn good threat that I wish I could remember, and uh… Rain is following the scouts back to Bann Eiron's army. I have no idea what that's gonna be, and neither does Ahmad. I think 300 mooks with bows can kill Rain. Probably.

Back to the d6 hit dice squad, they creep through the woods following the dowsing rod, wary now that Derek has spotted the Nogitsune (don’t think they ever learned what it was in character, it’s an oni imitating the form of a kitsune). They spot some more threatening witchy symbolism (uh… I think it was a corpse hanging from a tree branch by its ankles) (it wasn’t Tiko), and the Nogitsune fires a blowdart! It’s fast, sneaky, can jump between trees, and used the limited vision range to it's advantage. So they’re chasing this thing, and then oh goodness it's a witch! With an oni mask? Oh it's called an Onikijo, I don’t think it's a mask… oh goodness there’s a hag over there too. Both of those monsters were control/disruption oriented spellcasters, but didn’t deal much damage. The d6 squad was getting super CC'd and not making any progress against the monsters thanks to atrocious attack rolls. They had decided to just grab the kid (who Derek spotted behind the witches) and take the Torikku Express, when a second Hag arrived and nailed them all with Rage. No casting, they had to fight each other, and the Onikijo had already cast Pain (continuous nonlethal damage), forcing concentration checks to cast anyway. We all kinda looked at that array of low Will saves (one of the hags had rolled really high on the Wisdom damage of Cerebral Strike) and said uh yeah that looks like a party wipe. But, the villains played with their food. The Onikijo was content to watch the friends tear each other apart, and the hags followed her lead. And, while the Nogitsune was the smart one and kept trying to kill Torikku, he legitimately rolled pretty poorly there, and the one hit he got was too little too late (I mean it hurt but not enough, and Torikku just passed the save vs poison). Ioha and Torikku were flailing at each other ineffectually while Derek and Vernir did actual damage to each other. Torikku then got clever and bluffed that she hadn't thrown off the Rage so that the hags wouldn’t recast it, which worked! The second time. Unfortunately by this point she was very low on spell points (thanks to some pretty serious shenanigans that Pain foiled). She told Tiko to run, dropped a C tier one liner, and took her Beacon back to Ikushin. Alone, unfortunately. Rally the troops, start casting a new Teleport (she lost her prepared one to Pain), etc.

Then, the funniest turnaround I have ever seen. Ioha broke free, and finally deployed the Ooze Army! The mind mages stared death in its quivering, brainless face, and ran. Derek's debuffs wore off and he was able to catch and kill the Nogitsune, but the coven got away. But they saved the kid! And found a sword that I thought was cool but they were like “Ugh, whatever, Ben”. Jerks!

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