Session #6: Logan's too lazy to post his own session

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range :

Current Players : Ben, Jackson, Ryan, Mikey, Jerry

Location :

Date : 14 Jul 2018 04:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Our good friend YV met us at the Scoundrel's Spear and asked us to retrieve a book called the Tales of Lady Saeris from her buddy Bradley Yeltman, who's hanging out with a pack of Lamia at some old ruins in the Remlith. After Njonja hazed the new guy with a whoopie cushion, we set out into the desert and Njonja got some karmic justice when she had a Bad Time with a rust monster on the way. At the ruins, they convinced the Lamias to get Bradley, who told them eh, well, I don't exactly HAVE the book on me rn, it kinda uh… came to life in the ruins and it went and conjured something that's claiming to be Lady Saeris herself. We went in and oh boy its a party in here. No literally, like an actual party in a really nice mansion. There were some weird folks there, and they really wanted us to talk about current events and so forth. They didn't have a very good idea what the current year was. After some idk this was a while ago man. At some point the illusion dropped and Lady Saeris herself came out to chat with us. She's a drow vampire bard, Merrish, and has been hiding out in the book for the last 700 years or so, and is trying to become a saint. Doesn't seem to be succeeding. She got a drink from Okwari and agreed to come with us in the book, cause she clearly needs to do something herself rather than just be a book. Bradley elected to travel with her for the foreseeable future, and on the way home, Njonja learned some old Merrish songs from her, and during this musical activity we learned that the Merr, the patron saint of Merril and Racist Dickbag, is a half-orc. Saeris was concerned about Merril's current state and told us it didn't used to be like that. YV was kinda confused when we got back, but ultimately satisfied.

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