Session #60: The Zaroff Mansion

GM : Adam

Max Player Count : 4

Level Range : 2-4

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Rhoegr

Date : 07 Jun 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 Pm

Job Link :

Session Description :

It's time to break into the manor of the Great Zaroff, Master illusionist and eccentric recluse. Expect a "fun"-house. Low combat mission, but bring your thinkin' caps.

Session Summary :

The squad: me on Jürgen; Logan on his new creep Taariq (I don't know why he thinks that's pronounced the way he does it but whatever); Jackson on Otto; Michael on his new dude Gary Green, who spits bars to do Warp stuff, but not teleporting, just the space bending stuff; and Tracie joined the party with her goblin Alchemist/Scoundrel Mopli. Tracie was using "they", I think. This was the third installment in the "Thom's theater" arc, and our mission this time was to recruit the legendary illusionist Chrim Zaroff! Who has locked himself in his house and hasn't been seen in, oh, a decade? Also he's a gnome, how are you with tight spaces?

It was in town, thankfully, and… listen there were too many beats for me to remember them all. There was trap door under the doormat, the courtyard of suspiciously smooth sand was an illusion covering the rock garden ten feet below, a greenhouse full of illusory plants (including high illegal bananas) (I dunno if banana illusions are illegal but I don't wanna find out!) And also illusory monkeys throwing illusory poop that still stank and felt like real poop. The trap door led to a room with a bunch of "magic mushrooms" that got some of us a bit high before Otto fixed it. ("Jürgen stops muttering to himself incoherently, and resumes muttering to himself incoherently"). There was a gelatinous cube being used as a garbage disposal that Jürgen accidentally provoked by trying to grab something in it with his whip, but it couldn't pursue us. There was an elevator with a wonky user interface. There was a no gravity room with furniture on the walls and ceiling, as well as a displacer beast kitten (named Mr. Bigglesworth), and some family portraits.

Following this point, there was a recurring character in the illusions: Esme Zaroff, Chrim's daughter. We first met her in those portraits, where she was pretending not to look at us. Then there was a toddler version of her in a kitchen, and we made her an illusory pie with the illusory ingredients so she'd give us the illusory key to an illusory lock that opened a real door. There was a holodeck kinda room that when we set to be a well that we filled up and swam to the top of the get to a secret room with aggressive shadowstuff illusions and a lamp giving off illusory light. There was a library with some biographies that when opened conjured an image of the subject who would answer questions. Chrim and Esme were two of those. The last entries into those biographies were of the two of them going to the Remlith for ADVENTURE!!! Fifteen years ago.

Another young Esme guarded her room, demanding to know what her favorite animal was. Her biography almost answered before going "hey you're not trying to get into my room are you? Perv!" and smacking the book out of Garry's hands. Chrim's room was unlocked, and contained a mirror leading to an illusory reflection of the room, except some of the real things were on the illusion side, and when we put them back it unlocked a vault door, with treasure (that we didn't take) but also the answer to Esme's question: blue butterflies.

Having gotten into her room, there was a large lily flower on the wall, a sundial, and the walls and ceiling were like the night sky. By using the lantern from earlier, we altered the time on the sundial to morning, when that flower blooms, which altered the apparent time in the room, causing it to open, revealing another portal, and finally the real Chrim Zaroff. Standing over an empty crib. That trip into the Remlith didn't go so well. But we were able to convince him to do something instead of mope for another decade.

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