Session #61: Oh good, Rain didn't get us all killed (Arc part 4)

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range : 7-9

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 08 Jun 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Hopefully we can wrap this up before I go back to school? That'd be nice.

Session Summary :

The Squad! Derek, Rain, Torikku, Franklin, Samson! The goal! Convince Bann Kuromasa not to cross the damn bridge. They met him for supper at his camp and parlayed for a while. What eventually caused him to back down was Rain, completely unintentionally, in and out of character, threatening his supply line, and he realized he didn't have the air power to defend the whole route from her. They may have also lied and claimed that the Empress was raising an army, which the Terrisean crown does not have the authority to do! I'm sure that won't have any consequences.

Not wanting to get nothing out of his endeavour, Kuromasa offered them a deal: go get an heirloom sword, Aki ni Tsutsuma Reta, or “Sheathed in Autumn” when translated from the old Kyotan, from a keep that used to be belong to a Kuromasa retainer a couple centuries ago, but then it got sacked and abandoned and now it's haunted, probably. Do this, and I'll offer my aid and turn my army around.

They accepted this bargain, and we did a travel montage to the keep. I described the place as definitely abandoned, but it doesn't look like the 300 years of disrepair that it should. Inside, it's very quiet, and everything is neat and tidy, although a little dusty. They find the larder and there's fresh food. Rain ate some, which may or may not have dire consequences. They find the master bedroom, and there's a mirror (not a Mirror) that shows a healthier, brighter, more attractive, better dressed version of whomever looks in it, and replaced the background with a misty forest. Then they found the feast hall and saw their goal hung over the fireplace.

Franklin, being a sensible sort, conjured a grabby stick thingy and took the katana down from the mounting plate. As it was removed, a ripple went out from it, and as it passed, the room changed. The place came alive, the fire was burning bright, the table was set and loaded for a feast, faint music was playing from somewhere… they checked the mirror upstairs and now it reflects a shabbier and beaten up version of the viewer, and shows the rest of the room, but actually wrecked. Looking like it had seen centuries of disuse. Then they went out the front door and exited into a misty forest. The branches above intertwined to form a barrier, and as Rain tried to for up towards it, it seemed to get farther away. Exploring the rest of the interior and seeing no other options, they set off down the path.

And into what turned out to be a sort of maze. Small "rooms", with winding paths between them, and retracing your steps does not always lead back where you came from. Also, Timbersaw was right. The trees are out to get you! The first room had a tendriculos that tried to eat Derek, and they could see a chest on the other side of some trees that they couldn't pass because suddenly there'd be another tree in their way! Torikku tried to teleport Rain over there, but just sent her back the entrance of this room. She then elected not to find out what happens when you try and teleport outside the bounds of the room.

The next room had a patch of mushrooms that Rain wasted no time in torching. Of course these mushrooms started screaming! Until they all burned up in the magma. Rain felt kinda bad about that, just burning innocent mushrooms. As well she should!

The room after that had a tree with the face of a kindly old man, which Rain ran up to, hugged, and apologized to. This tree turned out to be the Gardener, a friendly Treant who revealed they were in Faerie, in the gardens of the Lady of Fate. "Well, one of the Ladies, anyway." They asked him how to leave and he didn't know. I got to use one of my favorite lines from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: "Yeah this place is kinda like a circle, but not like a regular circle y'know, more like a freaky circle." In a treebeard voice. They found a dead end with a chest, and opening the chest caused some kinda Whomping Willow motherfucker to animate and mess them up. The chest contained a red leaf and some sorta consumable item.

Don't remember the order of things from this point. There was an empty room, seemed like a straight shot that looped back around to itself, but then retracing steps ended somewhere entirely different. Derek got tired of trees just pretending to be trees and started actively scanning for aggressive foliage. He spotted an ambush of Gnarls, and Torikku decided that they were much too close for comfort and Warped them all away. I asked Drew to roll a d10 for each to see where they ended up. They ran into one of them as an extra enemy with a couple of scythe trees guarding another chest. This one had an orange leaf and another single use item. Somewhere along the line they got back to the entrance and figured out how to get to the first chest, which had a yellow leaf and a potion. They said hello to the Gardener again at some point and he told Franklin "you're very polite for a human" which he meant earnestly but damn.

It was getting late so we called it there to finish on the morrow.

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