Session #62: I'm finishing this damn arc (Arc part 5)

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 6

Level Range : 7-9

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 09 Jun 2019 04:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

I need this off my plate before I get back to school.

Session Summary :

Same squad as last time but Mikey came with Ioha. First fun thing, they came across a gnome playing chess against an unseen opponent. After he won, he offered them a riddle/puzzle: “Thou must plant nine trees so they lie on 10 straight roads. There must be three trees on each road.” Ahmad solved the puzzle first, and we decided that somehow Rain was the one who solved it, to the bafflement of all. The gnome nodded, satisfied, and said “It is customary to offer the Lady of Fate a rainbow of autumn leaves.” He then fucked off into the woods. And then they were attacked by the Gnarl that Torriku had banished here, who had been politely waiting the whole time.

They had already found a couple of the leaves, and they asked the gardener treant where to find the rest and he said maybe the grigs have one? They found the grigs (which are cat sized fey with the lower body of a cricket and the upper body of an elf), but they attacked because Rain had torched the shrieker mushrooms.

Then, they found the Lady of Fate, who turned out to be an immature Norn. Norns are extremely powerful immortal fey giants, all female, who are usually just referred to as “the Fates”. This one, however, is young, and not CR 20. She is also guarded by a pair of Mantis Knights, who are about what they sound like they’d be. The mantis knights moved into defensive positions, and the party decided to get the other leaves before approaching.

At this point, they had cleared all the encounters except for the Lady of Fate, so I simply told them so and let them find the other leaves. After they got the leaves they came back and explained themselves. The Norn regally demanded that these petitioners state their names, and got 3/6 (Rain, Franklin, and Samson) before Derek stopped the others, because DON’T. GIVE. FAERIES. YOUR NAME. Don’t do it. Though it didn't end up mattering because they didn’t fight. The Norn let em out, gave them a set of armor that looked like it was made from autumn leaves for their noble deed, and when they returned to the castle it looked properly wrecked, as though it had in fact been abandoned for centuries.

They returned the sword to Kuromasa, and he kept his word, providing aid and withdrawing his troops. Some time went by, Tyrna Chizue no Maiko showed up to relieve them and brought payment. Poor Mikey didn’t make enough to recoup the cost of the one little slime boi he lost RIP. Regardless, arc complete.

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