Session #64: Help the wizard shinji

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 4-6

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Rhoegr

Date : 22 Jun 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 pm

Job Link :

Session Description :

The job level range is 4-6 not 4-7.

Session Summary :

The Squad: me on Ud'ma, Colin on Jack Tue, Drew on Bjrakk, Michael on Barry Brown, and Adam on Silloun. The mission: idk something about a wizard building a tower next to that crazy library that had a lich and a negative energy sun. From that session Ahmad ran. Aureliano something or other. Dragonborn fellow who was too Extra™ to use the door, and instead teleported in to thunder and brimstone. Much melodrama. Also teleported us (and our table) to the job site. Then he dropped character. Apparently it's a requirement for the Royal Court Wizard of Rhoegr. Which seems pretty in character for the Queens. What he's actually trying to do is link the library to his existing tower (why is it always a tower? It's traditional.) Course the last time he tried the ritual, the residents took offense. There was uh… carnage, in the room, from last time. Undead mooks, things that look suspiciously like Turriq, and kytons. Chain devils. Well actually we're not sure what their deal is, cause Logan was reading off "oh yeah they're nasty kinky dudes from the plane of shadow" and I'm like uh slow down there buckaroo we don’t have a plane of shadow or shadowfell or whatever. I'm familiar with them being just a particular variety of devil, but Logan and I will figure that out later. Anyway, they got chains, and they kinky, in a very bad way.

We took some time to fortify and then defended against waves of jerks. Jack Tue was putting out ~90 damage per hit, and cleaving. We need to fix our damage dice by size increase chart, cause that was not okay (although Silloun was helping him by making him Huge base). Probably work off of monster statistics. Start with the dragon chart idk, but this shit is not okay. But uh we did it. I guess. Wooooo.

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