Session #74: Bad Mojo at the Dojo

GM : Adam

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 3-5

Client :

Current Players :

Location : Menande

Date : 07 Sep 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 pm

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

The post is by a woman called Sensei Zuak Shemei, an instructor at a local mixed martial arts dojo.

'For years now, things have gone missing around the Dojo. I never thought much of it. It was
only little pieces at a time, but recently things have started dissapearing even more frequently.
I contacted law enforcement, but they didn't find enough to do anything. However, in recent months,
I've had people come up to me. Not prospective students, but the neighbors. Apparently they see
shadowy figures lurking in the moonlight at the Dojo. I'm beginning to think maybe it's more than petty
theft, and seeing as the law couldn't find anything (not to mention everyone's busy with the war), I could use your help.'

Mission reward is an neat karate belt.

Session Summary :

Aight listen I’ve been busy it’s been a hot minute since we played this game so bear with me, I’m doing my best.

The Squad: Marcus, Ecafkcuf Io, Xapf (Samwai Warria…), and Mopli.

The Mission: There’s this dojo run by a very punchy tengu woman who wants to teach all the local kids how to throw hands, and shit keeps disappearing from it. But before we can talk about that, we gotta talk about Baissho, a tabaxi who sells luck. Er… enchanted charms and stuff. They work! They’re not great, but they’re cheap! He’s the salescat, and there’s a dwarf who’s the enchanter. Xapf walks in to peruse (cause boy he’s sketchy), he buys some shit, the dwarf screws something up and tosses it out the window into the pond behind this row of buildings.

Finding nothing, we went into the Dojo and found Zuak (the client, a tengu woman) instructing a bunch of children in basic martial arts. “I believe everyone should have a basic foundation of self defense.” So what’s the issue? Well, thieves. Keep getting in and stealing shit. She’s bought alarm tags and places them on all the entrances, but they don’t go off… I mean they work, we tested them (to the consternation of the neighbors). So, hang out in here overnight, catch the thieves, figure out how they’re getting in!

It was the shower drain. Shadowy fella noticed us noticing him and vanished back down the drain before we got a good look at him. So naturally we gave chase! And about half of us faceplanted into the sewage. Gross! Cue creeping through the sewers. Found this suspiciously clean water tunnel. We looked at it and said “Cave diving? Fuck that noise.” Wander wander wander… go down a tunnel that's clogged with debris. And then a scaly reptilian arm pokes out of an arrow slit and throws a shuriken at Marcus! Ow! Roll initiative!

There were several assailants, poking at us from cracks in the walls. We find an entrance into their tunnels, and discover that we are fighting… Teenage Mutant Ninja Zombie Turtles. Aaaaand there’s Splinter. Y’know I wonder if the internet has given us more power than we were meant to handle.

It was uh… a sloggy battle. Not Adam’s fault though, we brought a very low damage party. Marcus is a tank, Mopli mostly steals shit (though they did chuck one rather effective firebomb), and Ecafkcuf Io doesn’t have attacks. But uh we did win… after all doing a square dance with Splinter.

The moral of the story is, don’t chuck half finished enchantments into the environment. Dispose of them in the proper containers! Litterbug!

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