Session #75: I'm at soup

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 7 - 10

Client :

Current Players : Jeremiah. Mikey

Location : Oltenheim

Date : 14 Sep 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

It's that time. It's time to go to Oltenheim and retrieve a batch of the original soup so that Ephraim may be spared a fate worse than death. Since this is technically Ephraim's mission, I'll let him tell you what the deal is and add it here when he does. Logan's note, the encounter is going to be pretty rough because unfortunately, I have been playing to much iceborn atm. Take that as you will. Good luck, and may you get the soup.

Session Summary :

It is finally time to deal with the Soup Incident.

The Squad: Ephraim (it's his hide), Ioha (it's his fault), Frank and Rain (we're gonna need some serious firepower for this), and Nay'ri (cause someone's gotta keep these idiots alive).

The Mission: travel to Oltinheim and complete the Trial of the White Dragon in exchange for one of the three remaining preserved bowls of the original Thousand Year Stew. The TLDR is: Logan got bogged down in exposition. The longer version.

We got over to Trenedorf, bought some cold resistance items, and got on a boat. The sailors asked us what we were doing, we said “we’re gonna go kill a dragon”, he did a spit-take, and said “I see. You have decided to all die together. Some sort of death cult?” Anyway.

Got to Horgva’s Landing, and it’s uh not hard to find the Mead Hall of Horgva Three-Finger. Though the locals usually call it Three-Fingers. We go in, and are greeted by a phenomenon very familiar to the Rhoegn members: pure chaos. We find the (current) (it changes a lot) chieftain of the Meadhall, a skaven man who probably had a name but I don’t remember. He explains the challenge: this meadhall was founded by Horgva Three-Finger, a legendary figure in orcish history and a saint. ~1200 years ago she led her tribe away from persecution in Merril and eventually landed here. The local dragonborn population wasn’t thrilled, but the orcs brought axes and knew how to use ‘em. So now there’s orcs here. Now Horgva, as it happened, was not only a great fighter and warleader, she was also a world-class chef! To celebrate their victory, she (and a few friends, despite what legends might say) hunted and killed an ancient white dragon, dragged it back to their landing site, and cooked it up! This was the original Thousand Year Stew. Since then, it is traditional, and in fact an honor, for hunters to bring their trophy kills to the meadhall and add them to the stew. That giant pot has not come off the heat in over a millenium.

While the stew has naturally evolved over the years, a few bowls of the original Thousand Year Stew were set aside and magically preserved. In order to get one of these samples of the original Thousand Year Stew, you must echo Horgva’s great feat: you are to track down and kill a white dragon (and not a wyrmling or nothin’ it’s gotta be at least an adult), and bring back proof of the deed. Then, the meadhall (the people there not the meadhall itself) will go get the corpse and add it to the stew!

One of the residents of the Meadhall, a silver dragonborn named Sevjaltin, was willing to help us out. He already had a lead on where one’s lair might be. So we went there. And that’s where we’re at. We'll brave it next week. Everyone thinks we're gonna fucking die, which is fair.

Also, it is canon: Nay'ri had a bunch of brochures about centaur anatomy made to hand to Rain when she once again forgets about Nay'ri and starts asking the same questions about how centaurs work.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND we forgot to make a new posting for the second session. Aight.

We ventured into the dragon's lair, and saw a pair of frozen trolls, propped as a warning. Nay'ri spotted a trail of blood leading inward, and identified it as the dragon's blood. Moving further in, the dragon spoke to us, and we engaged it in a debate of ethics. Whether it was ethical to murder it simply for being a dragon. It isn't, but my (hello Ben speaking, as is the usual here) concern was more how Nay'ri thought about it. I believe that prior to this, she had been trying not to think about it. Trying not to care. But at some point in the debate, she wondered what Finwe, her husband, would think. The woman he married, the woman he believed he was marrying, what would that woman do? She decided, privately, to use one of her medic abilities to save the dragon's life at the last moment. She said nothing about this.

Meanwhile, Frank was not contributing to the discussion (as I recall), I don't remember what Ioha said but he was present, but the main conversation was between Ephraim and Rain. Ephraim knew that what he was doing was wrong, but he saw it as his life or the dragon's, and chose his own. But, when Rain was given the full story of why Ephraim's life was on the line, she decided (quite reasonably) that this was bullshit. She was not going to kill an intelligent creature that we couldn't prove had done anything because the Queen of Rhoegr was being "a greasy bitch". Nay'ri then proposed that we fight the dragon, but promised that we wouldn't kill it if we won, and in exchange it would testify that we had bested it. The dragon, wounded and having no better options, agreed.

The fight was extremely one sided. Ioha Hasted us, Frank charged it, and it lost 80% of its health to Frank alone. Rain hit it, and Ioha finished the job with Alchemist's Fire. We beat it in just over a round, and it never presented a serious threat.

The main drama of the session having been negated, Logan instead made the drama be "will we convince the Three Finger crowd that we have completed the trial?" There is extreme prejudice against the white dragons of Oltinheim, possibly with some justification, but not to the extent presented. The crowd was split roughly even, with more sympathy from those who were not Oltinheim natives. Ultimately, it was the (new) chieftain's decision, and I believe the dragon Charmed him. Not that any of the characters could have noticed. The dragon gifted us with books from his hoard, we left with a great deal of bad blood behind us.

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