Session #76: A Grave Situation

GM : Drew

Max Player Count : 5?

Level Range : 7-9

Client : The House Kasami/the FGC

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 28 Sep 2019 04:00

Start Time : Probably 8

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

As the kingdom has set its gaze toward the Merrish in the North, it seems our own roads have become unsafe once again. As our comrade Roku rode westward to rally support against the Merrish, he was ambushed and captured by bandits. His squire Chaka returned to Manande with a ransom note detailing their demands: They want 100,000 gold pieces placed on a tombstone near the town of Hernvale, and then he will be returned to us.
While these bandits seem quite confident in their abilities, these demands are simply unacceptable. We cannot give in to their wishes, nor do nothing. Bring Roku back alive and you will be paid 30,000 GP. Bring back the leader of these rogues alive and there’s another 5,000 in it for you all.

Session Summary :

The Squad: Two new faces joined us today. Ben deployed a character that is simultaneously new and also very old, Merisi. She is an extremely shady looking merg (half-merfolk) Reaper blood mage, who is from an old campaign that Roll20 LITERALLY ate. Logan brought Kolfinna, who has appeared in RP before but not a proper session. A wolfy medium, who enjoys messing with people, especially if those people are named Ephraim. She is from the same world as Ephraim and Rya. Returning from locking himself in his room after his wisp was destroyed, Silloun joined us with fancy new art that Adam commissioned, and… well we'll get to that. And Samson and Rain are familiar faces.

The Mission: some nerd got captured who was it again oh yeah Roku, that rich dude with the horse. Yup, some banditos nabbed him and sent his squire Chaka back with a ransom note for HOLY CHEESE AND CRACKERS Roku is not worth a hundred grand you are crazy. His family (House Kasami) and the Guild are offering 30k for his safe return, and a bonus for the bandit leader, alive.

Samson, for reasons defying comprehension, thinks Merisi looks like a cop. Ahmad: "yeah Merisi is like the opposite of a cop". Also, Rain has the hots for her. Merisi has no interest, for several reasons, but that did not stop Rain from trying to get Senpai to notice her. Or Samson from trying to help Rain out. In very audible whispers. Rain: *drags the broken body of some giant unidentifiable animal into camp, which she later claimed was 'I dunno, some kinda like three headed moose???’* "I brought supper!" Merisi: "Thank you, I have already eaten." Antics of this variety were the primary entertainment on the journey.

The bandits requested a dead drop on a gravestone, and Lao gave us a tricky item to play with: it appears to be a bag of holding, and it can produce an infinite amount of gold, but it's conjured and only lasts 5 minutes outside the bag. Very illegal, don't lose this, please return it. We didn't end up using it but hey I'm not throwing away a good idea like that. Keep that shit in the back pocket. Also of note, we brought Chaka with us.

The gravestone was in a very large, and seemingly very old cemetery. The sneaky types (Merisi and Kolfinna) scouted it out, and for this endeavor, Silloun summoned a jackalope, which looked at Kolfinna and gave her a deep, throaty "yo". Adam is a treasure. Also this jackalope can serve as a conduit for Silloun's spells, and can apparently spit lightning bolts. I mean why not. DND is anime, and so is Pokemon, so by the Transitive Property of Memes, DND is Pokemon.

Anyway we staked out the drop site, Merisi ganked the shit out of the guy sent to check on it, we dragged his unconscious form back to "camp" and the party pumped him for info while Merisi retraced his footsteps to find the hideout. Unnecessary, as a trip on Rain's "vomit comet" had him singing like a bird. They were hiding out in a tomb deeper inside the graveyard. There was sneaking, there were traps, there were a few lowly banditos taken down from stealth, and there was the big fight.

One heavily armored woman with a glaive stands near Roku, who is lashed to a pole. Somebody (named Merisi) rolls a nat one on their stealth check, but said character is currently a bird (yeah she Transforms into an osprey). Odd, but not immediately threatening. The sentinel wanders closer, and I try and fail several times to start this fight with a Blood Puppet. I expected a good Fort save but c'mon I had four chances. Then the fight starts in earnest.

Silloun banishes Roku from the timestream so he's not at risk. Kolfinna finds a ninja and ninjas him first. Merisi engages the sentinel in the middle of the room, and triggers a bunch of hidden dudes to take their delayed turns. Thankfully Merisi is a dodge tank. It got kinda dicey up there, mostly because I kept rolling trash on my first attack and wasn't able to actually Exsanguinate and get my temporary HP train rolling until round three. There were a bunch of dudes with high crit ranges, one jerk was using Roku's Longbow of Üwas the Red (I know that when a DM gives their players cool toys, they must accept that those toys will be used against them… but come on. That's just rude. Yes that thing crit me.), and that motherfucker from one of Drew's earlier games, that dhampir dude who tried to start a rival guild, he was there! He was the boss! He almost one shot Kolfinna! But anyway, Rain and Samson came in and started mopping people up and that dude who definitely has a name (Lairin Szethis) peaced out via teleport and the remainder surrendered. An illusionist tried to escape but Silloun had a barrier ready at the entrance.

Though teleports were traced, we were unable to keep the trail of that guy who sure sounded like a recurring villain to all these people who weren't on that first mission he showed up in

Roku posited that this seemed kind a planned and targeted hit. Since they knew exactly where he'd be and when, he thinks it's likely there's a traitor in the guild. Drama!

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