Session #77: Raid on the Astral Vault

GM : Ben

Max Player Count :

Level Range : 8-10

Client : Anonymous

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 06 Oct 2019 04:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

I hate to do this, but the client insists on a great deal of secrecy. So don’t ask me for more details, I can’t give them. An important and anonymous client has requested the services of a team of experienced adventurers and dungeon delvers. While I cannot share many details about the job, I will tell you what I can. It will involve being transported to a remote location, with the goal of clearing this location of threats, and retrieving a number of items for the client.
I know, it sounds suspicious, but we’ve run our checks. It’s legitimate. I just can’t share my findings with you. The client wanted to tell you the rest in person, at a “Flower and Compass Inn” in Muwamaka. I have been assured that if you look for it, you will find it. Tell the owner that you are from the FGC, and she will fetch the client.
The payment offered was 20,000, plus the possibility of items recovered from the location.
Good Luck,

Session Summary :

The Squad: Kolfinna, Ephraim, Torriku, Thom, and Ioha.

The Mission: Clear out the vault of an ancient ass biomancer, and get a few books from his library. You can keep any cool magic items you find too just let the client check them out to make sure it's safe.

I had them start at the clearing with the Flower and Compass to save time. There were some off-camera adventures getting there, but as they say, what happens in the jungle stays in the jungle. They walked into a clearing, and looked up to see the night sky, although it wasn’t night before they walked in… A series of spread out trees has ropes strung between them, with cloths, pelts, and leathers draped over them to form walls, of a sort. A painted leather sign declares this place to be the Flower and Compass Inn, with an entrance flap beside the sign. Ephraim walked in, and saw a largely empty area with tables of chairs made of stone or living wood, and I said “there’s a fucking vampire behind the bar. She’s not even trying to hide it.” No one else is there. The vampire is friendly, she’s Jinzi Soveliss, the owner. They get some drinks, and Jinzi gets the client, a tiny elven woman named Aurelia, who gives a proper briefing. Aurelia is one of Ahmad’s old characters, btw, so he came in to do this bit.

She’s part of an ancient organization dedicated to dealing with problems that threaten the stability of Pia Suirenia. Used to be, this organization would prefer to quarantine the problems. Now, they want to properly destroy them. They intend to make extensive use of the FGC for this. This one is a vault in the Astral Sea, containing the works of a biomancer. Aurelia doesn’t know what’s in there specifically. There’s his library, and there’s a few books she wants the party to get from it, and there’s “a curse, a sickness, and something called Father.” Which may be one, two, or three things. Those old records aren’t very clear.

Unlock the door (Aurelia turns a key, a magic door appears in the air), move through the few vestibule/airlock type rooms with extreme (but justifiable!) paranoia. There are three doors: ‘Library’, ‘Father’ and ‘the Animaphage’. They did the library first. A Complex Trap, as per Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. A way to run a “the room is trying to kill you” encounter. In initiative, and the trap is disarmed by what is essentially a skill challenge. This one involved poison gas (but like, weird, wizard poison), walls that lit up with Confusing patterns, and light-based destruction blasts coming out of the floor! They were able to reach a stable pattern regarding the traps, so I skipped to the end of the encounter rather than make them go through all the motions searching through the biomancer’s journal, which contained the keyphrase to turn them off.

Next they did the Animaphage. A freaky zombie ooze that animates corpses and tried to throw bits of itself at you and burrow inside you and mess you up. Nobody got any worms in ‘em tho :( Ephraim tanked them for the first round and he’s got great Reflex and Kolfinna’s shenanigans gave him advantage (but -3? But the math made that work well in his favor). Ioha did manage to capture one, thanks to tolerance from the other PCs, no thanks to Kolfinna being a BULLY and Ephraim not paying attention to which one Ioha wanted to pokeball. More on that later.

Then, Father. They come into a large room divided into nine sections by iron bars, with various weather effects in all but the center. They bantered with Father, a massive figure hiding in a smoke cloud, who seemed to be the biomancer, permanently transformed into something. He’s been stuck in here a LOOOONG time, and he’s bored, he’s so excited to have guests to entertain! He comes out of the cloud, a giant snake-dragon thing called a Linnorm! Roll initiative! Ephraim was able to get through his DR 15/Cold Iron and Divine due to Monk nonsense (good thing too, his max damage roll is 14), so he was able to do some serious damage. Kolfinna and Thom had access to sneak attack, so their damage numbers were high enough to punch through it but the DR still helped. Fight lasted a good 4 rounds, and most importantly, I was able to Formkiller Ephraim. After a series of hits, Father forcefully Reincarnated Ephraim, and made him into something less boring. He’s a half-orc now! We’ll see if he tries to do something about that. Jerry (and Ephraim) (Jerry is Ephraim after all) was a good sport about it, which is part of why I wanted to do it to him. Choose the targets of such fuckery carefully.

Anyway, Ioha got the last hit, and was afflicted with the Deathcurse of the Father (though nobody knows that in character), and since that was the last thing they did, he has no idea what that does.

Poor Ioha was so excited about capturing an Animaphage that he forgot that they were supposed to destroy everything in there, so he showed it to N’yiri (who met them back in the Realm of Being because Ahmad needed to sleep), a prince of the Chingwe and their liaison to Aurelia’s group, and was devastated when he torched it. Ioha went through a real emotional rollercoaster with this Animaphage. Poor guy.

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