Session #78: Bird Watching

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 2-3

Client : Noire

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 12 Oct 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Hello fellow members of the guild,

Due to some disagreements between upper management and I, I will not be able to continue my research into the wild life of Pia Surenea directly. I'm on the verge of breaking through with a way to emulate the techniques of wildlife into a practical usable form that does not require intense alteration magic. I would like you to assist me by hunting down interesting specimens of wildlife that have been misplaced or deemed harmful to those around them. Capturing is preferred but killing is not prohibited. The goal is research, not mass extinction as it were.

I've located a good target for my research to begin. The beast is called a Crimson Caller. It is a large bird that is able to mimic the calls of other wildlife. I am not as certain about its other abilities beyond that but I have been told by reports that similar to a bard, its calls can do more than attract others, it can heal, harm or enhance it's and other's capabilities. This information is unverified however so proceed on it with caution.

My familiar will be coming with you to watch the battle. Keep it safe please.

Your reward will be whatever breakthrough I make and 500 gold for each of you that participates.

Session Summary :

The Squad: A bunch of new low level characters. Me, Ben, on Bolli, an unreasonably cheerful Oltish (Oltinheimian? Olten? I like Olten.) half-troll, a very chonky boi. A Lunar Zodiac, which is kind of an akashic summoner. Jerry brought… uh… Ignace? An aggressively Merrish human war mage of some sort. Adam on Susa, a gamla (Akashic camel people who are very large), and a level 100 mom. She's just a mom. And a weather mage. Drew brought Rex, a tech sphere oriented fish? dude, with entirely too many swords. Robo arms my dude. And we have a new face! Out of character. Adrien has joined the fight! She's one of Adam's friends. She's not played Pathfinder before but I gather she's played 5e. She played Sav, a pink tiefling. Honestly, idk what she does, I don't care, she's pink and that's pretty great. Machetes? There were machetes involved. She hits stuff.

The Mission: Hunt down and capture a rogue Muwamakan flightless bird called a Crimson Caller. Noire, an S Ranker and a ranger, who is not old, wants to study the moves it uses, cause we're introducing Techniques. Clement DeCroix, of the monster rights activism arc, was there, and Yvette, of the Yvette arc. It was uh… it was pretty straightforward. Bolli and Susa kept up a constant stream of chatter about absolutely nothing. Rex reconsidered the decisions that brought him to this juncture in his life. We fought the bard bird, it called boars to help it out, Rex koshed it over the head with one of his many swords and it went down in a heap. Hurray! And now we have a new possible mission reward: Noire's techniques, based on the monsters we fight.

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