Session #79: All Saints Eve 1

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 4-6

Client : The Guild and The Watch of Rhoegr

Current Players :

Location : Rhoegr

Date : 19 Oct 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM unless I decide 2 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

A voice of indeterminate gender sounds in the heads of all residents of Malyesta.

"Hear me, hear me.

As of late the Thieves Guild has lost the luster to its name and I fear that we have taken such a hit that I think we'll have to disband permanently. It is such a shame but with how attentive our city watch is, there isn't much in the way of business for us I'm afraid. Now do not be sad, do not be upset. The Thieves Guild has always been one of Rhoegr's finest establishments but it's obvious that you no longer want us around and we live to serve in our own way.

However it would be unlike us to simply go peacefully. That is why I issue a challenge. At the end of all Saints Eve, I will take the life of Malyesta's most valiant protector. But you can save them and in fact, I think you will. At the end of the week, I will show you one of my more impressive pieces from my collection. Stolen of course. Steal it back, and you'll receive my second trial."

Session Summary :

Time for this year’s Halloween arc!

The Squad: Ud'ma, Weyland, Jacques, Barry Brown, and Colin rolled a new dude who is the anti-Frank. Instead of stacking size increases, he stacks size decreases. For silly amounts of attack bonus, AC, and flat damage. He deals 14 damage. 1d1+13. Did I mention stealth bonus? As is traditional, he was awarded a portrait of a DotA hero, and we agreed on Bounty Hunter. He didn't have a name yet, so now he's Gondar. And we had the return of a character who had lately been the mayor of scar-city, Okwari is back! OOOOOOH YEEEEEAAAAAH!!!

The Mission: uh… well it wasn't a mission per se, more of an event. A mysterious psychic voice issued some vague threats to everyone in Malyesta, and today, they delivered! Giant spiders attacked the Palace of Penitence, the guard headquarters, and something happened at the guild? The voice is treating this all like a game, "I have stolen your palace, your first trial is to steal it back!" kinda nonsense. Guild leadership assembled some teams to infiltrate the palace and to distract the spiders. Today we did infiltration. We successfully snuck past the goons outside, broke a window to get in, and found the boss. Logan tried his hand at an Action-Oriented monster (a design philosophy promoted by the Inestimable Matt Colville, and I think it worked pretty well. The boss was an intelligent sword possessing a fencer. We won, got a vial of antidote for the spiders' venom (and poison, they also exude poison clouds) (they're really big, and they prey on Behirs. Behirs.) And the Voice announced that they'd gotten who they came for, the city's protector. Tali (she does live in the Palace after all) confirmed that this was Turven. Next week we run the group that fought the spiders.

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