Session #8: Roetwald 2: Electric Boogaloo

GM : Ben

Max Player Count :

Level Range :

Current Players : Logan, Jackson, Adam, Jerry, Colin

Location :

Date : 28 Jul 2018 04:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Session Summary :

So Ana and the team left Baharis and flew mostly north along the border of Valonde and Terrisea. Camping out another night on a mountain, Anathe described how her contact told her a way to sneak over the border unseen. They did this, ditching their griffons to creep under an overhang and into the forests of the Roetwald. Hopefully Ana has a plan for getting back without the griffons! Ana directed them to a hidden cave entrance, saying their contact told them about it and that it would be a good place to camp. Although, it turned out to be occupied by trolls, one of whom had a gun! How'd a troll get a gun?

After clearing out the very smelly bodies, Ana gave a bit of a history lesson about the players involved. ~25 years ago, the previous Tyrn of the Roetwald died without declaring an heir. As is the way in feudalistic systems, all his family members went to war for the title. Many people were involved in this war, including then Lord Sibo and Ser Geno. At the end of the conflict, everyone with a legitimate claim was dead, and the new Tyrn was decided by Landsmoot. Sibo was one of those who tried for the title, but the winner was one of the generals, a dragonborn man named Eldrin. Sibo married Geno, Sibo inherited the title of Arl. ~5 years ago, Tyrn Eldrin died. Eldrin never married, but he did sire a bastard, Eldis, who he named his heir. Eldis is fairly young ~20 years old, but she has been generally well liked in her position.

Then they went to bed. During the first watch, Rya noticed something weird about the back wall, and after eventually rousing everyone, they determined that is was a fake wall. They tried a few ways to get it open, but eventually, Ana just bloodraged and punched it out. Behind this wall was a team of Merrish assholes with a cannon, who all had readied actions. Ana tanked a bunch of bullets but was fine, then she got shot with a cannon and didn't even flinch, though it did move her health bar. A bit. The team then beat up the Merrish folks, leaving most of them alive at Ana's request. And we shall pick up the story from there next week!

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