Session #80: All Saints Eve 2

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 8-10

Client : The Malyesta Watch and the Adventurers Guild

Current Players :

Location : Rhoegr

Date : 26 Oct 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

As some of your fellow guildmates fight to secure the palace of penitence some of you more rough types have gone to try and defeat these colossal Nerscylla's rampaging around them. Their poison is deadly and their skin is tough. It's doable but it will (hopefully) be tough. Gather your best and make yourselves ready to do battle. In this time of crisis you best believe there are some quick contingencies (teleportation) to pull some Terrissean members to the Rhoegen guild (much to Laindra's dismay).

Session Summary :

The Squad: Ioha, who was very rudely yoinked from a delicate experiment and teleported to Rhoegr; Samson, who charged the spiders immediately, got KO'd by poison, and was rescued from himself by Turven; Frank, who is Frank; and Ben and Jackson rolled temporary characters so we would have a quorum. Ben brought Lucien, a sun themed elven arcanist with a splash of Protection and Barriers to spice things up. He was kinda just in the area, ducked into the guild and said "y'all gonna fight those spiders or…?". Jackson rolled uh… shit. Nashira. Tiefling dual channeler soul weaver, she's been in the guild for a while just not part of anything interesting.

Dunno what to tell you chief, we fought a giant fuckoff spider. Nerscylla, which, knowing Logan, is probably a Monster Hunter reference. It eats Behirs and wears their scales as armor. It's really really venomous and poisonous. It ate Samson! He got better though. Nashira got the kill.

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